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All you need is a pair of pumps, the colour black and our cheat sheet to add some faux inches to your frame

All of us, at some point, wish we were an inch taller. But there are ways to fake some extra inches just by the way you dress. Here’s our cheat sheet for some faux inches!
Opt for monochromatic outfits or one colour from top to bottom. Dressing in different colours divides the body into different segments.

Paris fashion week street style

More skin show at the bottom equals more height. Keep the hemlines at or above the knees as they create a lengthening effect of the legs.
Avoid loose, asymmetrical hemlines and stick to well-fitted or tailored outfits. They make you look slimmer and taller.

pop of color fashion

”Wear well-fitted or tailored outfits to look slimmer and taller.”

Do not (and we mean do not) wear chunky heels with ankle straps as they only cut off the line of your leg and make you appear shorter.

black kimono street style

Wear shoes (pumps or open-toe heels) in shades of your skin tone. They instantly elongate your legs.

Wear high-waist trousers for extra depth. They make your legs appear long. Wear similar coloured shoes i.e. a black high-waist pants with black pointed heels.

Flared jeans are best to add extra height visually.

Overcoat street style fashion
New York city street wear fashion

Last but not least, try a top knot bun. Not only does it add some inches but also makes for a super chic look.

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