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Here are a few things to consider before buying a beach bag

In the scorching summer, a beach vacation is a must – and a beach vacation demands a big beach bag! You can’t miss packing the essentials during a beach outing and so, what bag you carry becomes important and must be thought through. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while picking the perfect beach bag.


The right size

When heading to a beach you need to carry a number of essentials (towel, straw hat, sunscreen, sarong, sipper, a book and maybe even your iPad). Hence, the beach bag has to be big and spacious. An oversized bucket bag or tote would be ideal to fit all that stuff. If you want to make heads turn, sport the lightweight Ralph Lauren large straw tote with an illustration on it.


The right material

Whichever bag you choose must be durable. Canvas or sailcloth bags, and even raffia fine straw bags are perfect. Beach bags should be easy to maintain since you’re bound to plop them on the sand often. If you do not want to invest much money you can go for basic cotton totes, which are no-fuss and can be easily washed and dried. Avoid leather bags on the beach as exposure to saline water, sand and sun can ruin their texture and sheen.


The right colour

Don’t restrict yourself to neutrals when buying a beach bag. A beach holiday means you can indulge in a vast colour palette – from solid hues such as bright greens and reds to colourful stripes. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even take inspiration from Dolce and Gabbana’s embellished or painted beach bags.

Beach bag, straw hat, towel on the white sandy tropical beach

The right storage

When looking for the perfect beach bag, ensure that it has plenty of pockets inside and outside. You do not want to be rummaging through the contents of your bag to find your chapstick or your phone. Keeping things systematically in different compartments will save time and effort. Pockets outside are just as important as pockets inside in a beach bag – to keep a bottled drink, sunscreen or a wet towel that you cannot afford to keep inside. –

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