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It takes a truly evolved mind to realize how important fashion is to the lexicon of our daily lives. It’s an art, and like other forms of art, makes the world a pleasanter place. On a bright day, it lets you express how sunny you feel; on a dull day, it helps you get out of your shell and face the world in as strong an avatar as you can muster. Therefore, to enrich each day of the coming year, we have built a list of dressing resolutions. They are not only easy but a whole lot of fun to follow, and will affect your life in a very positive way.

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I’ll dress to the breakfast table each day | Got a day off? Even if you plan to stay in and do nothing at all, don’t miss out on the all-important dressing ritual – and don’t wait till noon to do it. Follow this even on those rather overcast days –mark our words, just the simple act of getting into a nicely put together attire will make you feel substantially better.

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I’ll wear stellar lingerie – for my own sake | Lace is magic. Let luxury hold you in its arms all day long, each day of 2019, with some really plush lacy lingerie. Even if you’re the only person who sees you in it, it’s going to be completely worth it.

I’ll love myself and choose fashion that loves me as much | Of all our style resolutions of 2019, this one might sound like a cliché – but don’t dismiss it – it means a lot. Even the most sorted ones of us sometimes give in to wearing a trend that’s not for us. Squeezing in a heavy pear bottom into unflattering skinny jeans, or power dressing in an androgynous suit when ultra-feminine is how you love to be? – Stop doing that. In 2019, pledge to be true to yourself.

Photo credits: Burberry from WWD (L); Chanel from The Fashion Cuisine (R)

I’ll invest in things my great granddaughters would want to borrow | Investing in one classic piece that lasts a lifetime (or two) is often more sensible than buying several trending pieces that you may forget about one season later. The Chanel Flap Bag, an exquisite cashmere sweater, a string of pearls or a Burberry trench – make one truly precious addition to your wardrobe this year.

Photo credits: Loewe (L); Marc Jacobs from Harper’s Bazaar (R)

I’ll say yes to feathers | You’re going to see them all around very soon. On shoes, dresses, bags, earrings – everywhere. And we surely give the trend a thumbs up. Go unabashedly over the top with the coral Marc Jacobs dress from Spring 2019 or just add accents of it to your ensemble, but do let some feather in!

Cheers to a most fashionable year ahead – may you dress up every day – may you surprise yourself every day!

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