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Grab these rain-proof sneakers for a mess-free monsoon

The way we all cherish childhood memories of dancing abandonedly in the rain, somethings never change – none of us liked the feeling of soggy feet then nor would we like to experience it today. Luckily, there are a few tremendous options of waterproof sneakers which come with super grippy soles and save you from all the mess; Not only are they uber-comfortable but absolutely top-notch on the fashion grounds too. To rescue you from all the hasty search, we are we have shortlisted four designer brands’ shoes that are worth the investment. From graphics to dainty-pinks to the classics – let these tip-tap-toe specials infuse in your monsoon wardrobe and enjoy the sports-luxe appeal this monsoon.

Speed trainers by Balenciaga | Buy Now

These fashionable bootie looking sneakers offer the same protection as your average rain boot. The design comes with an elegant looking elastic ankle sock mounted to a rubber sole. Honestly, these speed trainers by Balenciaga is nothing but yoga pants for your feet. And with these on, we guarantee you’ll look stylish even on the dampest-messiest of days. Pair it with jeans or knee-length floral dress and you are good to go.

Photo credits: Quartz

Photo credits: Quartz

Eclypse cut-out sneakers by Stella McCartney | Buy Now

While it's drizzling outside, make your feet blush in this pink Eclypse cut-out sneakers from Stella McCartney. Its platform rubber sole will save you from all the splash while 100 percent rubber body will ensure that your feet are dry and happy. And if you are a keen follower of the sneaker trend, then Stella McCartney should be no stranger. Being a sneaker-staple for celebrities it draws the attention of many fashionistas with its super trendy looks.

Photo credits: Farfetch

Photo credits: Farfetch

Platform Sneakers by Jil Sander | Buy Now

You cannot go wrong with Jil Sander’s platform corrugated-sole leather trainers. Crafted in Italy, these light beige full-grain waterproof leather sneakers can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Their cushioned midsoles and outsoles provide incomparable comfort so you can wear these cool sneakers all day long. Slip them on and you are far-far away from the monsoon blues. 

Photo credits: Matches Fashion

Versace’s Baroque Sneakers | Buy Now

Why make your rainy days boring when you have the latest collection by Versace as your rescue? Our very favourite Versace has recently given its Chain Reaction sneaker an update with a bold baroque print overhaul. Its chain-sculptured sole with the bold upper look can upgrade your style statement – all while keeping you dry, clean, and need we say about its style?

Photo credits: Harrods

Photo credits: Harrods

With these shoes, all you need is a trendy transparent jacket and you are safe from all the drab.

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