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We tell you four quirky ways to adorn a scarf this summer

Scarves have graduated from being an optional add-on to a summer must-have that can complete any look. Lightweight scarves are a rage – they are versatile and you can wear them any way you want. A scarf can even add quirk and colour to your workwear – it all depends on the way you wear it. Here are a few fun ways of styling it.

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As a headband

When managing hair seems like a task, scarves can be your saviour. We suggest picking up lightweight scarves in gorgeous prints such as floral, paisley or stripes and wearing them like a headband. If you find a bun more comfortable than open hair, fasten it with a scarf tied like a bow. Take some notes from Eva Mendes and Rihanna on how to keep it sassy with a lightweight scarf.

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As a sarong

Scarves can be great cover-ups when heading to the beach. You can always elevate your swimsuit style quotient by tying a scarf as a sarong. Go for bold geometric prints and patterns. Take cues from designer Mara Hoffman on how to keep it classy in a sarong.

scarf as an accessory – scarf power accessory from women

As a belt

Ditch the usual leather belts and replace them with scarves. Using a scarf as belt over a dress is a current hot trend. From street style icon Olivia Palermo to Caroline Issa, ladies are using scarves as belts over any and all outfits (even denims!)

street fashion with scarf – scarf as necktie

As a neck tie

Get over the traditional French knot. Instead, tweak it by twisting your scarf and tying a knot around your neck. You can even use a brooch to make it look more sophisticated. With a long scarf you can try tying a defined bow as well. Take cues from Gucci on how to pair scarf-ties with a simple shirt.

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IFM Pro Tip | Do not think of your scarf as just an add-on. Instead, use it more like a value-adding accessory. You will be surprised by the number of styles you can achieve with a simple scarf!

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