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It’s dewy, fresh, young and very easy to achieve

Korean women love to look young – and they fair enviably well in the endeavor. Their two rather simple secrets: infallible skincare and makeup that focuses on youthful innocence. The latest on their block is the fruit juice makeup look: it’s a hot trend on the high streets of South Korea, and is making its way the world over with much aplomb. The fresh and fruity look takes after the colour of fruits like peaches, watermelons and strawberries and has a predominantly glossy finish. Let’s have some fun putting it on!

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Begin with a glossy base | The fruit juice look is all about the flush and glow. Treat your face to a cushion highlighter and follow it with a hydrating foundation that enhances the luminosity of your complexion.

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Blush, blush and more blush | The crux of the fruit juice makeup look lies in the blush – the colour of it as well as the application technique. Instead of covering the cheekbones in blush and then blending upwards towards the earlobes, apply blush only on the apples of your cheeks. And well, if you have always loved how you look right after a workout or spending a while under the sun, this is your simple little technique to mimic that look all day long sans the sweat and sunburn. To make things even more Korean, go for one of those cushion blushers known for their smooth, glowing finish.

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Match the lip colour with the blush | Pick a sheer lip stain from the same colour family as the blush you just used. Keep it light and glossy. Also, if you so prefer, the fruit juice look permits you to simply go for a tinted lip balm instead of full-on lipstick or stain.

Keep the eyes and brows natural | This Korean favourite doesn’t require dramatic eyes; a neat brow (lightly filled in a shade lighter than your natural one, if need be) and sleek upper and lower lash lines is all it demands. If you want to take things a notch jucier, go for pale pink eye shadow.

You are never too old to look like a young girl – give Korean fruit juice makeup a chance to please you – and in the rare case that it doesn’t, you always have these amazing cleansers to take refuge to.

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