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Simple tweaks to make your makeup last all day (or night)

Makeup is a delight – touching it up in the middle of the action – not so much. Here are some tips and tricks that’ll let you go through your day without having to lug around a big bag of makeup products.

Photo credits: Kevin Laminto

Exfoliate – Even your lips | Clean and even skin is the perfect canvas for applying makeup; make it so by exfoliating regularly. The same rule applies to your lips as well – you can either use a regular facial exfoliant, a homemade remedy with brown sugar and honey, or simply a damp toothbrush. Do this once in a week or so and you’ll have smooth lips that retain colour incredibly well. Do not forget to apply a richly moisturising balm after scrubbing.

You need more than one primer | One each for the face, eyelids, eyelashes and lips. Besides smoothening out the skin (or lids, or lips) and making makeup last longer, primers come with additional benefits – eyelash primer for one is very effective at preventing damage caused by regular mascara use – make it a part of your routine for stronger lashes.

But if this sounds like too much primer | You can go minus one by giving the lip primer a miss and using eye shadow primer on lips instead – this is a common makeup hack many MUAs swear by, some going to the extent of saying that an eye primer is even more effective at making lipstick last than a lip primer.

A life-changing primer tip | Try using a face primer after you’ve put on moisturiser (or sunscreen), even when you’re not going to wear any other layer of makeup. Remember to thank us later for how naturally smooth your skin looked.

Photo credits: Malvestida Magazine

Be slow – Work in layers | Even when you want an intense coverage of foundation, eye shadow or lipstick, put on the products one layer after another instead of slapping on a large amount at once. This way it will not only last longer but will also look more natural. Doesn’t matter if you’re getting late – take your own sweet time to put on makeup – better arrive late than arrive ugly, no?

Photo credits: Rawpixel

Get a silicone-based cream blush | If you love the softness of a cream blush but aren’t too happy with its staying power, one with a silicone base will do the trick for you. It’s hydrating, creates a dewy finish and lasts much longer than a regular cream blush.

Photo credits: Annie Spratt

Invest in a sheer setting powder | Powder gives you a matte look. Pat on a bit of it all over the face, including the lips, to set your makeup. Follow this step mandatorily if you happen to have oily skin or when the weather is extremely warm and humid.

You don’t want to be a makeup Cinderella that vanishes in the middle of the party to retouch her disintegrating lipstick and foundation. So to let the magic of your makeup last as long as you’d like it to, take to these simple hacks. And if you have one such hack of your own, do share it with us!

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