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Once the pheras are done, the vows have been said and one and all have accepted the beautiful union, there is nothing much left to do but set off into the sunset for your honeymoon dreams. It’s that secret desired phenomenon long planned and seldom talked!    A flight away to your faraway idyll, post the gruelling schedule of a big fat Indian wedding. And why not? It’s indeed an investment in a lifetime of memoirs which stays with you forever. Clearly, packing has to be special to enrich this lovely affair - for this is a secret director of your romance – we whisper! 

There’s no shying away to turn up with the best for your honeymoon. It’s your time to be in full glory with all the homework done, we repeat never overlook the details, it’s them which make specials even more astounding. A beach surrounded by aquamarine waters, or a cosy cabin framing picture-perfect landscapes? Whatever your ideal location be, remember nothing sets the mood like lingerie that fits you like a seductive glove. Plan it with as much endeavour as you do for other travelling goods and chattels along with that favourite basque gown you’ve always dreamed to wear for that amorous dinner night. Wake up to that breakfast in bed with your newly minted better-half and revel in the luxury of satin or silk. But to put reality to your fancies is a tough grind, to plan, to shop. And the perfect lingerie? No worries, shopping is now made easy with our list of luxurious brands for your adventures in the honeymoon suite:

Photo credits: Stella Mccartney

Stella Mccartney
For the sophisticated woman looking for elegant tailoring, the designer’s namesake label has a lot to offer from lace and silk to trendy prints. Mix and match to unleash your personality or go for their beautifully coordinated sets.

Photo credits: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur
For the provocateur in you, this British brand interweaves sensuous fabric with bold silhouettes for a dramatic statement. Known for their opulent hand beading and lace, the label’s lingerie goes into breathtaking detail that makes this a wonderful choice.

Photo credits: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret
A cult favourite for a reason, the label’s vision of lace and satin continues to enthrall every season. Created to up the ante and add oomph, this is a great choice to spice up the proceedings!

Photo credits: La Perla

La Perla
Founded in the 1950s with a name that is now synonymous with old world luxury, it’s a coveted label for a reason. Their use of delicate lace, silks and shapes is always exquisite and designed to flatter any body type.

Photo credits: Yasmine Eslami

Yasmine Eslami
The namesake lingerie line has serious ‘It-girl’ appeal much like its founder. We especially love their ultra-soft bralettes and bodysuits - a subtly sexy nod for those who would like to leave something to the imagination.

How will you dress, or ahem, dress down this season? Play coy and be a gentle tease or flaunt your carefree spirit in these ensembles. Plan for comfort above all else, for as Julia Hart, La Perla’s creative director notes, “Lingerie has to be beautiful, comfortable and usable. I hate the idea that people have to suffer for beauty.” Let your confident self glow with our choices that marry comfort with sex appeal!

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