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Complete your Indian wear with the right footwear, formal or casual | Pick from our three styles

Completing our functional ethnic chic wardrobes are three styles of shoes. These are not limited to the five letter word “basic’’ as they are versatile and ever stylish.

Ethnic handcrafted juttis

Jutti | These flat shoes enclose the foot entirely and come in every colour imaginable. Handcrafted in leather, with exquisite embroidery (in real gold and silver threads in the days of yore), thejutti is an all-time classic. They look perfectly elegant with kurtas and churidar/salwar suits. Designers, street stores and local shoemakers offer juttis made in brocade, velvet and silk with a variety of trimmings including ghungroos, gota, sequins and embroidery. Get the variety of your choice but do also select a solid coloured one in original handcrafted leather (If you can go down the bespoke route, please do), as your first staple ethnic shoe piece.

Leather kolhapuri chappal

Kolhapuri Chappal This flat open-toed T-strap sandal is number two on our list. These slip-ons are ideal for the hot weather in India and extremely comfortable. They are also handcrafted in leather, and tanned using vegetable dyes. Among the many patterns and colours today, some popular ones are traditional designs like Kachkadi, Bakkalnali and Pukari. This footwear allows you to easily create formal to casual looks (day to night) and with its ample varieties (flats, heels, wedges) in leather, fabric, silk, adorned with gold threads, zari strips, gota and even pom-poms (not kidding).

”FYI: Stay away from teeny-tiny kitten heels.”


different styles of wearing saree – saree draping styles

Sandals | High-heel, low-heel or flats, sandals are all-time favourites and are positioned at number three on our list. Available in different materials like leather, fabrics and sometimes even plastic, they go well with formals and casuals; salwar suits and saris (please avoid plastic ones with your sari).

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Embellished or plain, a selection of these three shoes will give numerous options for you to step out looking your best.

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