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Look slimmer instantly | Reduce your dress size by one with this wardrobe staple | The shapewear

Shapewear does two things for a woman, generously hiding flab peeping from places you don’t want attention drawn to and instantly reducing your dress size by one (you can fit into the dress abandoned as a size too small). Thank you, Sarah Blakely, for bringing the new age must-have in every woman’s closet—“Spanx”!

Shapewears have come a long way from asphyxiation causing 18th century corsets. Modern shapewears have seeped into our closets as a regular undergarment one can wear under any attire, for any occasion, without any discomfort, under formal office wear or a little black-dress and even those tight fitted salwar/churidar suits.

One size fits all

Do not choose shapewear three sizes smaller. It will make your bulges more prominent. Instead, invest in well-fitted shapewear, one dress size smaller than your actual size|

Here is our pick of the three most versatile shapewears, guaranteed to become your wardrobe staples. Don’t just stop at one, as they come in different colours and shapes.

A body brief | A high-control shapewear, it looks almost like a swimsuit (also called a body suit). It generally has a built-in bra (push-up and push-in features) and provides control and shape to the waistline and derrière. Some body briefs come with a longer leg-line, going all the way to your knees and even ankles; ensuring shape to your thighs or legs. Consider wearing them with gowns, dresses and dress-pants. Word of advice though, prolonged usage of body brief might cause you some discomfort depending on the elasticity of control—from soft to medium and high control.

Best shapewear for tight dresses and clothes

A high waist shaping brief/ biker shorts | These are medium to high-control panties that reach till above your navel or just below your bra. While they mostly provide shape to your waist and rear, sometimes they also come with a built-in panel specifically for the waistline. Biker shorts, on the other hand, have legs reaching till the knee (or above). This is one of our favourites as they can easily be incorporated in everyday dressing. Wear them with your favorite denims, pants or any outfit that requires tuck-ins on the hip area. Biker shorts shapewear, very cleverly, hide the underwear/panty lines.




A waist-cincher | They are the easiest fix for an hour-glass silhouette. As the name suggests, they control and shape one’s waistline (core and abdomen). Unlike corsets, they don’t have (or have fewer) boning or steel columns. This makes it easier to wear them under clothing that requires enhancing the waistline. Hence, they are comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. Consider wearing them with any figure embracing attire, especially dresses.

Cindy Berthelot

Takeaways | Do not choose shapewears three sizes smaller than your actual dress size. Far from making you look slimmer, they will make your bulges more prominent. Instead, invest in well-fitted shapewear, one dress size smaller than your actual size.
Whatever style you pick, invest in three basic colours—black, white and nude—as these complement most outfits you will wear.
Polyester/ Spandex are the most comfortable material for shapewear. Make sure that your outer attire does not cling to your shapewear.
Avoid wearing shapewears during pregnancy.

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