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From tie-dye to dramatic feathers, here’s your latest photogenic attire

Getting away with your pre-owned favourites and long-adored styles might be hard but is always a good idea to keep room for the best that’s yet to come, right? And ladies it has come, just-in-time for spring! Let's get acquainted with the latest spring trends that are taking the heat of the season and are tempting enough to become your staple style statement. It’s time you dig your wardrobe or go on a lookout for these fun elements to stay stylish while these trends rage on your Instagram feed. Keep scrolling and of course, you may shop them along the way.

Feather up the season | Designers like Dior, Fendi, Valentino and Dries Van Noten are giving you wings to soar through the season while you look like a highness, it’s all about being extra feather-y and wearing silhouettes with a little drama. Even the slightest hint of a feather in your outfit may add that extra oomph, whether you don a frilled dress to that poolside party or you flaunt those fancy feather-accented accessories on a brunch date. For a day look, prefer subtle colours and when the sun goes down, embrace your inner diva by mixing feathers with a pop of colour or even metallics, if you have the heart for it (wink).

Photo credits: Ranjana Khan, Net-a-porter (L); Dries Van Noten, Net-a-porter (R)

Earthy tones galore | Besides beige being the ‘it colour’ of the season, all its hue family – from khaki to burgundy to tan -  is making rounds for a noteworthy trend having the likes of fashion connoisseurs like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner, which apparently prove these down-to-earth tones as the style statement this spring. If we were to suggest an investment piece for you, we would go with super-chic and subtle-toned midi skirts. Feel good to experiment with organza, tulle or leather depending on how glamorous you want your look to be!

Photo credits: Rejina Pyo, Net-a-porter (L); Burberry, Net-a-porter (R)

Prints, dots, florals, tie-dye and the likes | If earthy tones are a little off your game then slide over to the other end of the spectrum and welcome fresh prints to your wardrobe. From the almighty polka dots to the chicer tie-dye, prints are an emblem of cheer and liveliness; they are super versatile and represent a more relaxed attitude. We love this beautifully tie-dyed blazer, this will surely unleash a kaleidoscope of colours to effortlessly set your mood for spring.

Photo credits: R13, Net-a-porter (L); Michael Kors, Net-a-porter (R)

Strap your style | We’re talking strappy sandals here, it’s the right time to bring your chic floss heels out and pair them with almost anything in your wardrobe, brick red strappy heels with a crisp checkered pantsuit should be your go-to workwear for that simple yet fashionable attire. Moreover, it’s officially the time for super-breezy midi-dresses too, if clubbed with an elegant pair of sandals, you would be the epitome of charm we promise.

Photo credits: Gianvito Rossi, Net-a-porter (L); Gucci, Net-a-porter (R)

Amongst these fresh off-the-rack trends, some you may love while others you may just like but the message is - it’s time to go shoppppping! Be feminine, playful, biker or modest, just make sure you have ‘you’ written all over it.

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