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Swimwear is not just about skin show | Simple, fearless or feminine, find your perfect swimwear match

Summer sashays into our lives and wardrobes and brings infinite pleasures of the beach and the pool. With the mercury rising, it is important for you to find the right swimwear for your body. So sit down with a glass of daiquiri and get into your summer state of mind.

Your swimwear, Your voice Contrary to what most might think, swimwear is not about skin show. That is just an appalling and mindless way to describe sensuality and sheer convenience. Good swimwear strengthens your relationship with water by allowing your body the freedom to flow and not just swim. Therefore, it is imperative to find your perfect swimwear match. Your Mr. Right of swimwear should echo your personality.

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The Wild Bunch You are wild and free, just as nature intended you to be. If you couldn’t care less what others think when you unleash the animal within, we’ve got three words for you—you go, girl!
Best Bets: Animal prints, fringe, quirky cuts and boho-chic.

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Good swimwear allows your body the freedom to flow and not just swim|

Strength of Simplicity You probably are an art collector or a classical music aficionado. Your practical nature, efficiency and acute self-awareness give you an air of independence.
Best bets: The classic one-piece in black or white.

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The Fearless Femme Calloused palms cannot stop you from playing beach volleyball! For you, water is an adventure in itself, challenging your limits in every way. Your spine and your gut react the same way as your heart when it comes to your love for water.
Best Bets: Colour block swimsuit, or a striped one-piece.

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The Feminine Charm You are easy to be around with and popular in your own special way. You have embraced your femininity with love and are happiest when pampered and fussed over.
Best Bets: A delicate two-piece with floral appliqués.

Swimwear of your dreams | The shape of your body determines the type of swimwear that will turn you into a water goddess. So if you are|

Curvaceous Go for – One piece with solid colors, ruffles and smaller prints
Avoid – Swimsuits with boy shorts

Pear-shapedGo for – Tops with strong design elements, scalloped necklines or V-necks, tankinis
Avoid – Skimpy tops

Apple-shapedGo for – One piece with side detailing and waist & side shirring
Avoid – Billowy swimsuits

PetiteGo for – Two-piece with delicate details, string bikinis
Avoid – Floral prints, polka



TallGo for – Horizontal stripes
Avoid – Florals



Plus sizeGo for – One-piece with supportive lining
Avoid – Frills, heavy patterns

From buying to wearing to dipping to letting go, let your water-time be defined by fun.

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