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Don’t hide your face behind the glasses you wear | The right pair can flatter and highlight your best features

Shield your eyes from the summer sun with a good pair of sunglasses. It sure helps that they add instant glamour and hide those under-eye circles (hey, most of us have them!).

The quintessential accessory, classic styles of sunglasses include cat-eye, wayfarers, oversized and aviators. Just like your LBD, keep one pair of classic sunglasses, best picked in neutral colours. For a trend update, the summer of 2015 picks its favourites as coloured lenses, white frames and retro shades. Victoria Beckham unveiled a capsule collection of colourful aviator-inspired styles while Chanel’s textured sunglasses feature velvet, leather and chains.

sunglasses spring summer 2015

For your first buy, research the trends, but invest in a classic|

Miu Miu’s 70’s inspired frames come with glitter fabric in a variety of colours and Dolce & Gabbana’s classic cat-eye style comes in a tortoise shell print. That’s a wrap-up of style and season trends. But how do you know which one’s right for you?The perfect sunglasses can flatter and highlight your best features. So, make sure you pick the correct lens and structure. Choose a frame that is the opposite in shape to your face. For example, if you have an oval face, angular and sharp frames should be your preference. Different occasions demand different styles. You do not want to get caught wearing oversized retro-shades on a trekking expedition.

Fashion week – sunglasses type for your face shape

Here is our handy guide on which sunglasses will suit you best.
Oval face This is the most ‘flexible’ face shape, which means you have balanced proportions that will work with almost any pair of sunglasses. However, a classic cat or round would look best.

candela novembre street style

Round face Give your fuller cheeks some angles and edges by opting for geometrical shapes such as rectangular or square sunglasses.
Heart face This is identified by broader foreheads and a smaller chin, which means you should buy yourself the classic aviators.

London street style
Square face For those of you with a strong jawline and a square chin, opt for more rounded sunglasses as the curves will soften your strong features.
striped shirt street style

Another thing to consider when picking a pair of shades is your skin tone. People with cooler skin tones should try pairs that come in silver, darker shades of blue, forest greens and plums. Warmer skin tones should opt for colours that are warm-toned neutrals, gold and mahogany shades.(Quick tip: To decipher your tone, take a look at your inner wrist veins. If they’re bluer, you are cool toned. If they’re greener, you are warm toned.)

Before making a purchase research the options available, try on as many as possible, and then go for your final pick.

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