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Indispensable flats, sporty sneakers or sandals | Get acquainted with must-haves for your feet with shoes for all seasons

Style or comfort? It’s a misconception that we can choose only one. And, remember, for the rest of your breathing minutes - style is comfort! Having said that, we do not recommend Lady Gaga’s footwear funk to those who are, well, not Lady Gaga. Style is as much about self-awareness as it is about fashion. Take a moment, take a good, long look at your shoe cabinet and come back only after your “what was I thinking” or the reassuring, “I got it right” moment.

Now, those of you who made it back, the IFM style guide has compiled a slick, short checklist of shoes you simply must own. Here are a few bankable buddies so your feet never feel out of fashion.


The indispensable flat | Bless thy maker. The ballet shoes, as they are popularly known, deserve a respectable position among your collection. They are designed for the woman on the go. Pick them for a day when you foresee a lot of walking. They come in a rainbow of colors that makes them both adaptable and adorable.

Nike air max 90 street style New York – stylish shoes for fall

”Sneakers are best under a pair of tapered, ankle length jeans| It’s where comfy meets oomphy”

Street style Milan fashion week

Black heels | Every shoe closet’s trademark black heels save the day. Just be sure to pick the right heel and toe box size (the one you are most comfortable with) and get ready to paint the town red, in black.

New York Fashion Week best shoes trends

Boots | Meant for the fearless! If you think you are bold you will always find a pair to challenge you. The best occasion to wear them is whenever you are feeling the blues. Trust us, there is no low moment the boot can’t reverse.

New York Fashion Week street style fashion 2016

Sneakers | First of all, let us clear a myth. Sneakers are not just for the woman with abs. NO! Great as they are for the occasional run and the jog, their subtle style is best witnessed under a pair of tapered, ankle length jeans. Sneakers are where comfy meets oomphy.

style block heel sandals
satin shoes street style – sneakers, slippers, pumps in satin

Sandals | Strappy, sturdy and sexy, sandals have a vintage charm that makes us trust them almost immediately. Having them in the closet means that you wouldn’t panic when you need to feel both comfy and sexy… say your fourth date night.

TO BE FASHION FORWARD TURN BACK IN TIME | The foot is in charge of the rest of your body. And it deserves every bit of lovin’ you shower upon it. One sure way to get your feet smiling is to let them in on a blanket of irreplaceable vintage. If your feet could speak, they would say “We love you too”. To encourage such exchange between the foot and the female, we’ve compiled a few classic simply-must-haves just for you 
The Classic Christian Louboutin black pumps
The petite Mary Janes
The irresistible vintage Brogue Boat Shoes
The timeless Brown Point Toe Ankle Boots
The dependable platform Wedges
The Saint Laurent Classic Jane Ankle Strap
The sweet and short stacked heels

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