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Guide to recreating the most nostalgic and coveted fashion statements borrowed from Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe

Think of the 90s and Friends TV show is the first thing that will pop up. The sitcom not only won the hearts of millions of millennials but also a cult following from different generations for its eclectic fashion statements. It's been more than 10 years since the last episode of Friends was aired but the fashion hangover framed by the three starlets of the show, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe still prevails. They say dress like Rachel, cook like Monica, and live like Phoebe but we believe all three divas were equally fashionably thick with their unique spin of styles. 

We are totally excited to do a recap of this nostalgic and fashionable journey with the most loved characters from 'Friends'.


Schoolgirl Chic Look | Till the time the fashion world is alive, Rachel Green's iconic plaid skirt and turtleneck crop top are staying with us! Believe us when we tell that Rachel was the one who brought the schoolgirl style in trend back in the 90s! Yes, you read it right and not to overlook the signature knee-high socks, which now sparks nostalgia among the millennials.

Photo credits: Scoop Whoop, Vaga Bomb, Pinterest (L-R)

Get the look with the body-hugging turtleneck crop top by Privacy Please, the timeless plaid skirt with faux wrap design which gives vintage vibes and of course, the protagonist of the schoolgirl attire - the stripe knee-high socks to complete the look.

Photo credits: Revolve, Cry Baby, American Apparel (L-R)

Groovy Denim Dungarees | Rachel's fashion career from Bloomingdale's to Ralph Lauren to Louis Vuitton (where she never joined) was exciting enough for her fans to set the fashion goals. The enchantress in her blue denim dungarees made an impactful fashion point – none of us till date have forgotten that lacy white sleeveless top under the blue dungarees with a brown sling bag that made her look super chic even in the 90s. 

Photo credits: Seen It, MSN, Pinterest (L-R)

Recreate the look with Eve Denim's vintage-inspired dungarees, Opening Ceremony's cotton-blend white top and bring the spiffy touch with Jill Sander's brown cross-body bag.

Photo credits: Net-a-porter (L), Matches Fashion (R)


Classy Casual Look | Monica and her neat choices – be it fashion, personal, or career – quite reflects in this casual look – a cami red top paired with straight-fit denim, and did we miss out on the cool white shoes? No way! With a quirky and sexy blend, white shoes are here to stay for a long time. Our homegirl's fashion statement swears on Monica's love for cleanliness, we are super excited to try the vintage-fashion twist - 'Geller way'!

Photo credits: Pinterest, We Heart It, Friends Tumblr (L-R)

Own the look with Andrea Yaaqov's satiny spaghetti top, straight jeans by KSUBI and wear them with Aquazzura's leather sneakers and this look will be your go-to favourite, we promise!

Photo credits: Farfetch (L), Net-a-porter (R)

Woman in Black | Whether it's work or a sophisticated date, Monica won't miss a chance to sprinkle fashion goals (especially if you’re skinny, you’d be at peace with her fashion choices) – the black striped palazzo pants matched with black round neck crop top is exactly what we are talking about! And dear Lord, her inevitable grace just adds to the spice. Some much-needed all-black inspo right?

Photo credits: MSN, Bustle, Where To Get It (L-R)

Recreate the look with Cambio's striped trousers and pair it with Cale's jersey t-shirt and don't forget the focal element of the look, the bag! We liked the mini leather bag by Mansur Gavriel.

Photo credits: Farfetch (L), Net-a-porter (R)


Denim with pattern skirt | From the 90s till now, the hippie fashion statement has stayed with us in our good-to-go fashion diaries and Phoebe Buffay's confident embodiment of the hippie style just makes it even more desirable. Remember when she pulled loose-tied denim shirt on a blue floral skirt? Well, that’s how you mingle denim and florals the Phoebe way. 

Photo credits: We Heart It, Insider, Pinterest (L-R)

Own the look with Matthew Adams Dolan's denim shirt, pair it with a solid white t-shirt by RE/DONE's and the floral skirt by Apiece Apart.

Photo credits: Net-a-porter

An oversized sweater and bohemian skirt | "Smelly cat smelly cat, what are they feeding you?" Well, we still don’t know the answer but evidently, we know what Phoebe feeds on – the floral skirts! Doubtlessly, Phoebe is in unconditional love with patterns and textures and here she magnified the hippy look with an oversized white sweater and kooky beaded necklace. Just like her musical talent, her quirky fashion statements often created zany looks. 

Photo credits: Cosmopolitan (L), Netflix (R)

To recreate this look, slide into the Calvin Klein's oversized off-white sweater and floral maxi skirt by Ganni. Add a funky twist to your look with the multi-coloured bead necklace by Emilio Pucci.

Photo credits: Matches Fashion (L), Farfetch (R)

On that note with this fashion flashback, it's time you dress up as your favourite character from the show. What are you waiting for?

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