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A beret-to-boot list of awesome things to wear to the festivities

Party season in winter equates to an insane amount of what-to-wear choice. You can layer, accessorize, experiment with different fabric combinations, and look as posh as you like or as bohemian as your spirit commands.Here is our edit of a few must-have items that have been hot on the runways of Fall 2018 and will give you a big reason to eagerly look forward to every party you’ve been invited to.

An Ornate Beret

Photo credits: Harper’s Bazaar

Our heart goes to a beret every time we see one. And as if the classical variety of green, red and brown berets wasn’t enough to take our breath away, Chanel brought out this charmer of a hat with exquisite embellishment. So unique, so party-perfect, so picturesque!

A So-Plush-yet-So-Fun Faux Fur Dress

Photo credits: WWD

These dresses from Fendi are embodiments of everything magical we’ve read of since childhood. Their perfect silhouettes, beautiful tailoring, elegant faux fur trims and muted colours make them as irresistible as a dress can be. Pair them with one of your plush, embellished wraps or a teddy bear coat to walk to the party in.

A Handbag to Match the Coat


Photo credits: Tom Ford

There is no better way to look put-together than matching your bag with the coat – trust us, amazing things happen when you do that. Get a combination (or two, three, four) like the ones above and you will be pleased with the results – just like we are!

A Pair of Vibrant Legs

Photo credits: (L) Tom Ford; (M) Runway Rampage Blog; (R) Area

Fall 2018 is a time of hosiery-love. Statement tights are making waves and there is not a place more perfect than a Christmas party to wear them. Bright solid colours, the classical fishnet, or animal prints - dress up your legs differently each evening!

Two Red Boots to Dance the Evening Away

Photo credits: WWD

Wouldn’t it be a blasphemy to keep red out of Christmas? And while the typically Christmas-y red jumper remains an all-time favourite, red boots add the much sought punch to a more youthful celebration of the festival. Oh, and by the way, what say you about putting red and pink together like the model above from Tibi’s Fall 2018 runway?

The short Indian winter and a shorter party week in it gives us serious FOMO – there is so much to wear in so little time! And up here was only one little list; we’re sure there are many more ensemble ideas on your fashionable mind – tell us about your favourite one for Christmas 2018 – we’ll love you for doing that!

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