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Give your blues a break with these delightful renditions of white denim.

Legends, they say never die, they are only reborn in a new avatar, this holds so true for the realm of fashion as well, where time after time, age-old classics reappear with a fresh appeal that keeps the romance alive. Denim has forever been deemed classic, but we absolutely love how this trend has aged this season. Equivalent to the charm of the ‘silver foxes’, denim in white too, has bewitched us.

A hit with the stars already, these pieces will find a way to your hearts and wardrobes as well!


A summer counterpart of the little black dress, the white denim jumpsuit is perfect for a date night under the stars, paired with minimal jewellery and a matching pair, this makes for a refreshing sight to behold!

IFM Recommends: Phillipa Denim Jumpsuit by Tiger Mist

Photo credits: Nordstorm


Flaunting the ethereal shade of white, the denim dress had made a successful crossover from its rigid blue tones to a fresh and breezy appeal, paired with coveted sneakers it forms an ensemble that can easily see you through casual Fridays to the weekend.

IFM Recommends: Popover Pure White Denim Swing Dress by Madewell

Photo credits: Nordstorm

Embroidered Skirts

Embroidery on denim has made a subtle comeback with white embroidered skirts and the effect is just as charming, along with a denim blazer in similar shades and muted pumps or sandals, this look surely makes a boardroom statement.

IFM Recommends: Victoria Denim Skirt by Bambah

Photo credits: Farfetch


White culottes have become a popular feature at work and here’s why, bagging the two-toned personality of a corporate woman, a culotte is rigid and rugged yet retains its feminine flair, we absolutely love them paired with nude strappy heels and a statement bag for an easy day at work.

IFM Recommends: Charlotte Wide Leg Culotte Jeans by Eve Denim

Photo credits: Farfetch

Classic Flares

The 70’s are back in fashion and so is the flare but what has us falling in love head-over-heels is the rendition of this trend in white, with a billowy knotted blouse and a strappy pair, this trend totally spells D-I-V-I-N-E.

IFM Recommends: Classic Flared Jeans by Don’t Cry

Photo credits: Farfetch

Whites may be a summer classic, but these beautiful variations make us want to own it this season as well, what about you?

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