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What does your bag say about your personality | We help you decode the style of ‘the bag and her woman’

Women are known for their love for bags. And bags let out our secrets like nothing else can. Bags help demystify the enigmatic being - a woman - with laudable accuracy. So what does your arm candy say about you? Read on 


The tote | She is a lover of the arts. She might not be a painter or a curator, but flaunts her artsy side with hearty aplomb nonetheless. She loves Lennon more than McCartney and Diana more than Thatcher. If you ask her why, she will assure you that she will get back to you later. Don’t count on it.


The satchel | She loves the long hours of being a soccer mom, attending a social, planning a party, organising a rebellion, helping the underprivileged. And hates short pauses like standing in line to the ladies’ without her copy of Joan Didion’s essay on water. She probably criticises the same newspaper she reads everyday. Her favourite quote is “Life is too short to not brush your teeth and read The New Yorker at the same time”. It’s easy to picture her bringing the quote to life.


The it-bag | She lives for fashion. And for the day she can participate in the show called “Who wants to be SJP’s BFF?” Sex and the City is her Bible and she devoutly lives by its holy wisecracks. She believes that it takes the right shoe and the right bag to tie a look together. She is also known to break into a Carrie mode of quotes on relationships, sex, friendship and fashion. She is probably in your vicinity right now. Duck.

New York, NYFW FW 2015 day 7

The lady with the fanny pack | She is either a tourist or permanently living in the wrong end of the 70’s. They will be around forever. We rest our case.


The clutch. She is effortlessly in control and fashionably late. Always. She is the symbol of feminine power which can silence rebellions, doubts and questions with a single glance. She heads the league of extraordinary women. You are scared of her.


The backpack | She is very likeable. And in all probability knows it too. She loves to travel and live fuss-free. Possesses sharp intellect and sharper instinct. When not travelling, she is known to drop F-bombs at work - pre-requisites of a creative job. You copy her swag when no one’s watching.

We all have known these women, been these women at some point in our lives. Despite their eccentricities, we must admit that life without the bag ladies would be a tad too boring.

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