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Make applying a coat of sealant or polish and investing in heel-savers as part of your everyday shoe care regimen

Every woman knows the feeling of finding that perfect pair of shoes. We also know the angst when our favourite pair falls apart (especially when we have spent our entire months’ salary to possess a pair). Don’t beat yourself up for losing your favourite pair, but learn a few tips to make them last longer 


First rule, don’t wear the same shoes everyday. Not that we need more justification on owning many pairs. But isn’t it good to know that we have a fabulous theory around that impulse buy? Allow shoes to rest for a day after they have been worn. Place wooden shoe trees to absorb moisture and maintain their shape.


Apply a sealant or clear polish to new shoes to protect them from weather elements. If you do get stuck with wet shoes, fill them with crumpled newspaper to absorb moisture and do not dry them around heat or radiators. Heat will dry out the leather and make them loose. Let them dry at room temperature naturally.


Put heel savers before they are worn down.

Polish, or apply wax, regularly (but briefly) in circular motion.


Buy your shoes after 2 pm for the perfect fit

Make sure you clean them before slipping in the shoe tree or stacking them on shoe racks. Gently brush off dirt or with a clean shoe cloth.

Store your knee-high boots fully zipped.


Do not store shoes in shoe boxes for long periods of time. Prolonged storage in a box can cause certain materials to deteriorate, particularly in humid climates. Always store shoes in the shoe bag that comes with it.

And remember, the best time to shop for shoes is after 2 pm, for the perfect fit, as by this time your feet would have swollen to its maximum. Once you have invested your hard-earned cash in a quality pair, hang on to them by putting in a little time and effort into their care.

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