4 Influencers Who Are Shaking Up The Travel Industry!


Because let's not differentiate between male and female travel influencers. These are just four powerful women who are changing the status quo of society!

Being a travel influencer can be a difficult task. Trust us, it is not all glamorous as it looks. One has to think aesthetically; work while travelling and also nonchalantly ignore unwelcome gazes, while you record yourself talking straight to an inanimate object- the camera! And if you happen to be a woman, then it takes double the effort to fight social stigmas and unnecessary attention that is all a part and parcel of being a solo woman traveller. But hey, don't get us wrong, we are not here to demotivate you, nor are we here to scare you with scary travel stories. We just want to throw light on 5 fearless solo women travellers who travelled the untrodden path and are urging many more to do the same.

Tanya Khanijow

Up until 2018, Taniya Khanijow had a high-flying corporate career and a steady income to back. But the routine 9 to 5 left her little scope to enjoy life's little pleasures, which urged her to start a youtube travel channel of her own. It may sound like a fairytale, but Tanya's channel grew enormously in little less than a year and since then, she has embraced travel video blogging as a sustainable career path. Even though she focusses on Indian destinations, her vlog on Namibia and Switzerland is particularly famous.

Kamya Of Wandering Kamya

Kamya Instagram channel- Wandering Kamya is not just a page, it is a creative curation of experiences, travel, food, feminism and culture. Kamya also regularly takes up solo trips and few road trips with groups to take up social issues in different travel destinations. Her arty photography and thought-provoking captions make her such a favourite among travel enthusiasts.

Trishita Bhattacharya Of Overrated Outcast

She may be known for her sharp photography skills and colourful captures, but Trishita Bhattacharya is more than an Instagram influencer! One peek into her social media account will take you to a land full of smiles, colour and brightness. Whether she is wandering in the rice paddies of South-East Asia or just lazying around a quiet beach in Goa, hers is one page that will urge you to pack your bags and travel!

Shraddha Of The Sassy Pilgrim

Whether it is trekking at Mt. Kilimanjaro or scuba diving in Komodo, Shraddha's brainchild-The Sassy Pilgrim is a celebration of unabashed travel tales. Shraddha started documenting her solo travel on her Instagram handle and in turn met many like-minded travel enthusiasts, which only urged her to stay positive and enjoy the journey of travel content creation. Whether it is doling out tips, tricks, guides or recommendations-Sharddha's blog is all about soul searching and so much more.

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