Le Mill’s co-founder, Cecilia Morelli Parikh, shares her take on design trends

Housed amidst beautiful Victorian architecture, Le Mill is a luxury concept store in Colaba. Co-founded by Cecilia Morelli Parikh, the store emulates her strong talent for pairing Indo-European aesthetics with the idea of modern luxury. Since Le Mill’s inception more than three years ago, her team has been working with architects and interior designers around the country to complete full home renovations. They now offer a comprehensive interior consultancy service aimed at designing homes from start to finish. Below, Cecilia lends her expertise on key design trends, relevant for 2016 and beyond

Key aspects to consider before one starts decorating a personal space | Layout | The first question in your mind should not be the pieces you love, but the space. How you will most enjoy the space, how you want the sofas to speak to each other, what the best direction for a chair is to look out. And these are informed by the use of the room.

 Where to save and splurge on while making decorating decisions | I think that it’s important to splurge on key vintage design pieces from sites like 1st Dibs, and then on amazing printed fabrics, such as from Pierre Frey. I am not a fan of generic looking Italian furniture, especially since Ikea does such good knock offs. I would rather spend on one-of-a-kind pieces, and beautiful printed upholstery.

The role art can play in a personal space | Art is something that we live with every day. It fills us with emotions and feeds us with ideas. I love that my art inspires me to think in a new way every time I look at it. When we buy art, we are not just buying the way it looks or even accessorises our rooms. We are also buying into the ideas they project that continually inspire us.


International aesthetics for contemporary Indian homes | Apparatus for lighting is a must. This handmade and crafted NYC based lighting brand fits very well with the Indian aesthetic as everything is hand crafted. Also, the mix of brass and metal is suited to our luxe, industrial landscape. For furniture I am a big fan of Cassina. I love the old designs by Charlotte Perriand that they manufacture. Form is important for Cassina, and again, I find it suited to the new Indian aesthetic I am seeing. Where geometry is very pronounced and high quality materials are key.

2016 trends that she loves | I think print clash is a major trend all over. And I love it in interiors even more than in my clothes. I think to achieve the right balance between these print clashes is very difficult – an art Italians have always mastered. I aspire for this look and feel in my house. Another important trend is black in the house. This can be daunting, especially for Indians who are so used to colour and then beige. But black, paired with dark green velvet for example, can be very effective in transforming a dark room into something quite magical.

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