The renowned Interior designer talks about top interior trends of 2016

Started by Ravi Vazirani, Mumbai-based Ravi Vazirani Design Studio (RVDS) caters to a long list of clientele who value uncomplicated aesthetics, practicality and a touch of extraordinary in their space. Vazirani and his team have worked on many restaurants and cafes including The Stolen Coffee Room in New Bombay and High Spirits in Pune. They’ve also redesigned the home of film producer Karan Johar. Vazirani is a born aesthete for whom design is an intrinsic part of his daily life. Here, he tells us about his favorite projects so far, his design ideas for an ideal home and what luxury means to him.


Which are your two favorite projects from RVDS’ portfolio

We recently finished work on an apartment in Mumbai which won RVDS the AD50 award. It was a lot of fun doing that project because the client had given us an open brief and flexible budget – that’s a great combination for any designer. With that project, we explored our definition of luxury. We primarily used industrial materials but with a refined finish so they don’t look stereotypically grungy and raw. We made use of polished wood and cement with worn-out patinas for an elegant look.


The other project that’s a favorite is a coffee shop called ‘The Stolen Coffee Room’ in New Bombay. It was our first commercial project. We worked with a very tight budget and went sourcing for furniture all around the city. The result was a warm, cozy cafe where you can sit for hours.

What is your idea of an ideal home

I guess my personal home reflects my ideas of an ideal home. It’s a mix of styles – eclectic and minimalistic. It’s also full of memories in the form of objects collected over the years. I believe a home should make you happy. That the decision on a Friday night to chill on the couch should be as tempting as stepping out. When designing for a client, I attempt to understand their lifestyle. The biggest challenge as an interior designer is to create a space that is reflective of your client otherwise they just end up living in a house that they don’t belong to – which is definitely not my idea of a perfect home.


What is a luxury to you and how can one add designer touches to their home

Luxury in interior design, according to me, is the ability to indulge in the design aspect of doing up your space. In conceptualizing and sourcing exactly what you need.

Just because something is expensive doesn’t make it good and vice versa. Most of our projects include materials that are a true mix of different price ranges because we are driven by design and not price. A house adorned with the most expensive marble may be exquisite but may not be the best-designed home, and hence, I don’t perceive a more expensive design element as luxury.

For a well-designed home, I suggest experimenting with different styles and patterns of furniture and art. Also, bring in lots of plants, flowers and candles – they not only add warmth to a place but also keep the house smelling good and the air fresh.

What trends do you foresee for the coming year in furniture and furnishings

I see the whole industrial grunge interiors taking a much needed back seat – it’s about time. Consumers are going to want warmer spaces which are well finished and offer an escape from all the chaos. Think indoor plants and think jewel tones and warm colors.


What exciting new things can we expect from RVDS in the near future

We are experimenting with glass (especially mouth-blown glass) and hope to launch a few lights once we have prototypes that I am happy with.

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