The founder of Rabbaz Weddings shares 3 decor trends that will be huge this season

With each passing year, the Indian wedding industry ups its game, bringing in more freshness, regalness and novelty. While last year’s weddings were all about soft metallics and quirk, 2016-17 weddings will witness a re-emergence of vintage concepts done in good taste.

Nancy Kohli is a wedding planner and the brain behind Rabbaz Weddings | With 10 years of experience behind her, she along with her team has successfully executed various national and international weddings. Here, she shares with us the top wedding themes for 2016-17.


Regal Vintage

Vintage is the current sought after trend in Indian weddings. It is giving traditional Indian desserts a French look or using mirrored wallpapers and floral stage decorations in soft pastels. Though we have seen similar concepts done before, this time around it is about revisiting the era of Marie Antoinette (consort to France’s King Louis XVI) with a twist.


Wild and Carefree Bohemian

Boho décor this time will go beyond Bollywood retro and OTT kitsch themes. Marigolds will soon be replaced by baby’s breath wedding flowers and quirky prints with bold hues. Old-school tea kettles will take the place of terracotta kullads and bamboo and mirror separators will replace postered walls. Traditional henna designs will feature on napkin rings, placemats and welcome mats. And everything else while remaining classic will also have a hint of stylish quirk.


Contemporary Mughal

Modern Indian weddings will move away from using metallic accents everywhere and in everything. Instead they will have soft, subtle touches of royalty. Durbar-shaped tents, palanquins made of benarasi silk and other old ideas wrapped in modern and vibrant tones is to be expected. Important to note is how pale blues and baby pinks will set the tone for elegance and romance this wedding season.

Let us know what you think would be the flavour of Indian weddings in the coming. season.

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