4 Style Saree Connoisseurs of India That You Should Know!


The saree never looked so cool!

Whether it is the 'Make In India' campaign or the recent saree appreciation shows in fashion weeks, the traditional nine-yard has always been the most loved fashion item, which not only transcends borders but gender, colour and race. It is probably the only piece of clothing that complements all body types and adjusts itself to suit the wearer and occasion. Its versatile nature has made many fashion influencers embrace its sheer simplicity. We are talking about these four Indian saree influencers who are wearing their love for the six/nine yards on their sleeve (quite literally). Here are a few that have metamorphosed the way a saree is worn and will inspire you to wear it too!

Neha Of The Stylewali

Whether it is her organza drapes or her love for yellow saree, Neha is an unabashed lover of sarees and loves it in every form. In one post she will be wearing a traditional Benarasi and in others, she will rock a saree with a belt. Trust us, you will want to wear a saree only by looking at her many saree-laden pictures.

Vini Of Saree Speak

What started as a facebook group, soon encouraged more than thousands of saree lovers to share a special bond. The Instagram and Facebook page is just not about pretty sarees but a shared story that every woman can contribute to. We particularly love her vintage khadi sarees and cotton ones, what a wonderful woman!

Himanshu Verma Of The Saree Man

Apart from being an Arts curator and a self-confessed lover of sarees, the Saree Man aka Himanshu Verma is a force to be reckoned with. In an interview with Border and Fall, Himanshu describes the saree as worn by a man as a neutral fabric that doesn't stratify based on gender, "The idea is that I don’t have to transform my body or cross-dress to wear a saree and I don’t have to look pretty in a saree."

Sonya Of Bit Desiriented

Chikankari, cotton or Benarasi- each of her saree posts comes with a message. All the sarees are from Sonya's personal collection and apart from styling, her posts will help you learn a thing or two about its rich history apart from styling it right.

Wear it with a blouse or a t-shirt, a saree will always remain a classic. We admire these saree enthusiasts who are reinventing its aesthetic.

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