Indian Instagram Accounts For Epic Christmas Decor Inspiration


Cosy up this Christmas with these beautiful home decor ideas from the best!

Forget Christmas carols and cutesy looking elves, this year it is all about prettying up even those tricky corners of your home with the season's glittery best.

Ho! Ho! Ho! it is that time of the year again where the world is at its happy best. And can there be anything better than prettying up your home? No, we are not just talking about old-fashioned Christmas tree decor or those hanging wreath... there are endless possibilities to do up your home in this festive month. Still don't believe us? Let these superb Instagram-famous home decor enthusiasts help you out. You can transform your home to look like a 'winter wonderland' or even a cosy little Christmas shack. 

Here are some Indian Instagram accounts that will help put your Christmas decor ideas into perspective.

Mohicka Of Cosy Quirk

Cosy Quirk is Mohicka's labour of love. Her Instagram feed is a warm hug of paradise, complete with sepia and gold-hued pictures. We particularly liked the balcony set up, which was complete with Christmas bells, warm lights, and a soothing colour palette. It is a great way to do-up your balcony, without having to depend on the usual Christmas tree and wreaths to decorate it.

Mauly Of That Cozy House

Sometimes it is the small things that count. For Mauly too it is the finer details that make up her Christmas decor. Instead of investing in a larger tree, she went for a small colourful one and pepped it with some large Christmas bells that add to the glam factor. Great for when you have kids or pets around. Also, a good way to fill up those empty corners of your home.

Superna Ray Of Suppus Home

This by far has been our favourite little way of doing up the Christmas decor for your home. Like how Superna of Suppus Home has incorporated her bookshelf along with a lifesize Christmas tree and decor. This is a fail-safe way of involving your furniture along with your decor.

Seema Singh Of My Nested Abode

Laying out a mouth-watering Christmas dinner can be a painstaking task but it can be even more difficult to decide the decor that goes along with it. We are just talking about soft lighting but a minimalist way of making the most out of your dining table. We adore how Seema Singh of My Nested Abode has made full use of plants, vintage candles, and other figurines to give a Chistmas-y edge to the dinner table.

Asha Sorokhaibam Of Being Asha

We love how Asha of Being Asha lights up even the trickiest corner of the house with a bright pop of colour. No, we are not talking about a splash of colour that requires sunglasses to view but a pastel shade that can light up the whole environment. Here she found a fabulous way to not only decorate her beautiful Christmas tree but also the surrounding areas with lamps and other home decor items. Great idea for the living room corner we say!

Too many options and too little time.... we can't wait to get our hands dirty already!

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