Tips from the makeup bIoggers and Instagram influencers to watch

The sheer volume of fashion and beauty news available on social media is simply mind-boggling. From celebrity Instagram handles with millions of followers, to stylish women in every nook and corner of the world, the breadth is as wide as it is diverse! Social media is slowly transforming the current market, with most luxury brands selling far more products online than their traditional brick-and-mortar stores. 

India is a burgeoning market with our own fashionistas to follow - from actresses Sonam Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra to Vogue India’s fashion director Anaita Shroff Adajania. But how about those upcoming names you should know? These bloggers and Instagrammers crafting fresh faces and ensembles everyday should be on your list for their unique perspective on trends, tips to interpret classic looks and more. Below, get to know some of the rising stars that are feeding our thirst for fashion and beauty right now:

Photo credits: Mira Patel

Mira Patel
This UK based Instagrammer utilises her social media platform to show her appreciation for our desi clothing and culture. She embraces her heritage in ethereal ensembles that originate from her personal sensibilities. We especially love her everyday makeup tutorial above; simple and straightforward, it gives you a natural glow with shimmery highlights for the day.

Photo credits: BBYG6RL

It is obvious why this Instagram star has a following of 250K followers and counting - her funky and edgy look. Her curls set her apart instantly - we love the way she chooses to style a historically difficult-to-tame mane. Her makeup showcases an enviable glow, but it is her unmistakably cool energy that puts her on the list of young ones to watch.

Photo credits: Sukhneet Wadhwa

Sukhneet Wadhwa
With a blog full of eclectic, fun and easy tutorials, Sukhneet Wadhwa's blog Ms. Coco Queen is all about staying true to yourself while being on trend. A tall order, but Wadhwa continues to stay above the clutter of fashion blogs with her unique style. Her editorial shoots, produced and created under her expert guidance, really showcase Indian fashion at its very best.

Photo credits: Anshita Juneja

Anshita Juneja
Editor and founder of the blog ‘Vanity No Apologies’, she has become a fixture on the beauty blogging scene since 2010. Her award-winning blog receives more than 800,000 visits per month and we can see why. From regular product reviews to hair care tips, Anshita writes about it all!

Follow the links to find your personal muse for style tips that will keep your fashion and beauty game a cut above the rest!


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