Apartment 9 entered the market when there was little knowledge about interiors | We talk to Anuja Gupta to know how it all started

IFM talks to Anuja Gupta from Apartment 9, which has been a leading textile and furniture store and provides interior design consultation for high-end luxury homes. Read on

How did Apartment 9 start

Apartment 9 started exactly ten years ago in 2005. My husband and I initially began exporting home linens to high street brands. After seeing the success, and our aesthetic sensibilities, our friends, and family suggested it was time for us to set up a store of our own.


How would you describe Apartment 9’s style

In one word – eclectic. Our brand has a touch of vintage modern; it is classic and quirky.

How did you decide to venture into interiors | What sort of client base do you work with

Our educational background is in business. We have always had a passion for interiors which we realized while we were designing our home. Our business background has worked to our benefit and given two aspects to Apartment 9. One is retail which has a client base that varies from middle age to a much older clientele. The second is our interior design consultation where we work on predominantly residential projects (10,000 sq.ft.) and luxury interiors. Ten years ago there were few home brands available; today with so many brands emerging the customers have completely changed. They know what they want; they are looking for options and are fairly price sensitive.


How do you select which pieces and brands work best for your consumer

We work with 3 international brands which are Andrew Martin, Lizzo, and Liberty. These brands are high end and have something different to offer which cannot be found here. They resonate with our taste which is fun and quirky. We are very selective while choosing which brands we would like to work with and felt that these have a special value and have a depth to them.

What are some trends you think we will be seeing in the coming year

Interiors is a vast world with many brilliant people doing brilliant work. I find it difficult to pinpoint as I personally find “trends” subjective. Apartment 9’s line is very plush through the balance between luxury and comfort. Our color palette comprises jewel tones which have a touch of botanical and baroque style. We are doing clean luxury which will have lots of silks and velvet to bring sheen, richness and a quilted feeling. For furniture we are opting for distressed leather, wool, sink in sofas. It all comes together as sort of Aspen Cabins style interior.


Can you tell us a few pointers to consider while selecting furniture and textiles for a home

It has to be functional and comfortable. It should complement the basic shape of your interiors. They should also be loose and small so that you are able to shuffle it every now and then. Think twice before selecting your furniture as it is a long lasting loop and an investment for your home. For textiles pick the nicest fabric for upholstery and one or two pop elements which will make all the difference.

Some tips to spruce up our homes with the New Year coming

Changing upholstery fabric | Changing drapery and blinders | Polish and veneer your furniture to give it a new look | Rearrange and reposition your furniture | Purchase artwork, or even possibly creating wall art; why not try to be a little innovative | Add Wallpaper in a room. It is budget friendly and will bring an element of drama and fun.

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