Follow these Indian women photographers for their unique perspective

Photography has become a favourite past time for many, with industry bigwigs like Canon and Nikon offering drool-worthy deals and classes to bring out the best from your new camera. Photography and you? If the question has popped up by now, believe our say - close your eyes and envision those bewitching seascapes, godly nature and the most enticing realities that tell you a tale, does this make you pause and hold it forever to your memoir? Then we welcome you to the world of a photographer cloaked in you! Whether you are discovering yourself or hold a penchant already – you can learn much from online tutorials and old-school classes, but another way to bring your ‘A-game’ is through a trained eye.

Follow these established and quirky photographers who not only freeze incredible details for posterity, but also fight for a cause close to their heart, whether it is the environment or society:

Arati Kumar-Rao
Arati, an environmental photographer, is committed to telling stories of South Asia’s rivers. By living with the communities that make the ecosystem around these rivers, she lives their reality. Grounded in this research her photographs tell stories of the rivers that are being slowly degraded by the human population in poetic and heart wrenching detail.

Jahnvi Pananchikal
Jahnvi’s Instagram account is for the traveller who constantly seeks something new and undiscovered. She documents encounter with the rural and urban India, sharing insights on her blog and writing about the issues she captures beautifully on celluloid. Follow her for captivating images of an India at the crossroads of gender, culture, sustainability and art. 

Prarthna Singh
Prarthna seeks inspiration from everyday life, presenting her art as an invitation to experience another reality. Strikingly lit, whether in colour or black and white, it is an indelible part of her work. Her subjects are similarly off the beaten track and documented  in fantastical detail.

Vinita Baretto
Vinita’s images capture far away dreamlands in black and white. Striking landscapes and unexpectedly simple storytelling are her forte. She freezes moments - the joy of a little boy playing football, a cat sleeping or boatmen working on the shore - to help us enter the frames and live their reality for a moment.

Neelima Vallangi
Nature in all her glory is Neelima’s trademark. A serene morning sky or a violently magnificent thunderstorm, she seeks imperfect conditions to expose their inherent perfection. Her depictions of the untamed natural world are breathtaking and a treat for all senses!

Follow these trailblazers and unearth your personal photographic journey - good luck ladies!

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