Designer Krsna Mehta’s eclectic home reflects a restless creative energy, with a collection of inspiring art

A CULTURAL KALEIDOSCOPE | Designer Krsna Mehta reinterprets India through his designs and artwork, showcasing the country’s cultural heritage and vignettes from daily life. His eclectic design sense is on display at his Mumbai residence as well. His home, he believes, is the first place to unleash his creativity, before it is introduced elsewhere.

Krsna Mehta’s home room - Designer home

Space | which he shares with his “two adorable cats Bailey and Google”, is cozy and bright. “It is inspired by the eclectic theme and thus, is full of color. The apartment consists of a kitchen, living room, bedroom, study and two bathrooms.” He agrees, “I believe that a well-decorated abode reflects the personality of its inhabitants. Thus, my home is a reflection of myself. My home is an oasis of peace, it soothes me from stress at the end of a busy day.”

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Mehta realized his calling as a teen and designed his first cushion cover at 16. After studying Surface Design at Parsons and Display Graphics at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, he worked with several brands before starting India Circus, mirroring the chaos and color in contemporary India. His artwork is funky, using silk screens on canvas, digital photography, paint, and embroidery. He enjoys making elevating the mundane by re-contextualizing what we see in our daily life.

Krsna Mehta’s home – Krsna Mehta home interiors

While a lot of people tend to prefer a minimal look, he has the confidence to pull off a look that’s rich in color, fabrics, and art. He explains, “This is a very personal choice. I advise against submitting to décor norms and advocate achieving an aesthetic that pleases you. As for my home, it incorporates my passion for art and is cozy and colorful. This is clearly reflected in the beautiful mix of colors and in all the stylish objects gathered from other cultures. My love for art and colors makes me confident.”

Krsna Mehta home bedroom interior

 CREATIVITY BEGINS AT HOME | Mehta home reflects his love for fabrics and art. He says, “Most of them are my own, from India Circus. I also shop at the Zeba store. Besides, I pick up stuff from my travel destinations.” On his art collection, he reveals, “Most of it is mine. But, I have some curated collections by famous artists as well. Also, there are a few designers that I like. Paul Smith is one of them. His design concepts and philosophy is something that I like. Another designer’s work that I admire is Yohji Yamamoto from Japan. I also like designs from the Italian designer Missoni.”

Krsna Mehta home walls – Feature walls

As a designer, does he believe in trying out his designs at home before introducing it to the world outside? “Of course. Whether we’re aware of it or not, our homes are one of the few places where we have the creative freedom to express ourselves. And thus our creativity starts at home.”

A PASSION FOR INDIA | A common theme runs through the house, but he doesn’t like to stick to a particular look and enjoys changing the décor. “I love experimenting with my house. I keep changing the furniture, wall colors and art.” Besides the living areas, he also pays attention to the smaller details in the utility areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. “Most people don’t think about the kitchen and bathrooms when they are considering home décor. I feel that color in the kitchen and bathroom is essential to truly make it part of the home and the living experience. In these sections, functionality along with aesthetics is important. One should select warmer colors and bright lights in kitchens and subtle colors in the bathrooms. Functionality and style both are important to me.”

Krsna Mehta good earth

Where does he draw his inspiration | Confesses Mehta, “I am inspired by all things Indian? I get inspired by things like the roadside chai-wall and also the country’s rich historical heritage. Thus, I incorporate all of my India-based inspiration in my work and translate that into a design philosophy that is contemporary India.”

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