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Valentina Sampaio, the Brazilian model and actress is all set to bring diverse forms of beauty into the fashion world as she becomes the first trans model for the luxurious cult-followed lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret. Valentina broke the news on Instagram when she posted a picture from behind-the-scenes of Victoria Secret's Pink lingerie photo-shoot with a caption: "Backstage Click". Not just the picture but the 22-year-old model sprinkled major captivating looks in another video that she posted on Instagram from the same shoot, whose full video will be launched in mid-August. 


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Video credits: Valentina Sampaio 


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Video credits: Valentina Sampaio

This is not the first when this fearless personality is breaking barriers, earlier she has graced the covers of Vogue Paris, Vogue Brazil, and L'Oreal Paris too. When asked about her views on the evolving side of the fashion, she said that "Being appointed the first transgender model for the brand is a hugely important moment not only for myself but my community and beyond. I hope this can be a huge step toward more inclusivity and representation for everybody."

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Even after the transphobic comments by Edward Razek, the former Chief Marketing Officer of Victoria’s Secret, Sampaio found her way to the top and pushed all the gender stereotypes! The comments entailed that trans models shouldn’t be part of the Victoria’s Secret ‘42 min fantasy show’; the statement was however taken back and apologized about on Victoria's Secret official twitter page after the public outcry that followed the discriminatory, disheartening remarks.

When asked about her views on the transphobic history of Victoria's Secret, the model gave a powerful reply saying that “Of course I'm aware but I welcome the brand’s evolution towards inclusivity, as well as invite other brands within the fashion industry to evolve together. I am excited to be a part of this process, and am proud to be a part of Victoria’s Secret family.” Honestly, we are proud too, for the direction the fashion industry is taking its journey to.

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The daughter of a teacher and fisherman grew up in a small fishing village of Brazil but with determined dreams! Since childhood, Valentina felt like a girl but her parents were not able to identify her gender and hence, she had to face enough holdback. When the fierce dreamer turned ten, she recognized her true self and changed her name into Valentina, and that was the time when her family embraced her identity! Later when she realized her passion for fashion, she went on to study the same, which is when her unique beauty was spotted by a make-up artist who introduced her to a modelling agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 


Later L'Oreal Paris discovered the roar of her hard work, which is when they made a video about her and released it on International Woman's Day to exemplify and praise her journey to success. Soon after this stepping-stone, Valentina owned the tag of L'Oreal Paris' brand ambassador. In February 2018, the boss lady undoubtedly became an inspirational story for everyone when she first appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris. Since then her enthralling journey never had a setback and no one could stop her from fulfilling her ambitions!

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The unconditional love of Valentina Sampaio for her passion is the new light of hope for everyone who wishes to be a model and why not, her success story and enchanting beauty is filled with a roller coaster yet highly inspiring journey, which is why she is the age’s new ideal of inspiration! We can’t wait to see Valentina Sampaio as the face of Victoria Secret's new pink lingerie wear, what about you?

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