Sheehij Kaul, Aditya Dutta, Radhika Chitalia & Adhiraj Singh

Graphic design is everywhere: across billboards, of course, but in subtler messaging too. It is one of the most ubiquitous forms of art in our daily lives. Moving beyond the realm of advertising and marketing, these young artists are redefining India’s landscape, using colour, language and perspective to reimagine our worldview:

Images: Sheehji Kaul

Sheehji Kaul
Sheehji Kaul’s work, steeped in collage and typography, is by its nature an interplay of contradictions. With a history in advertising, having worked on brands such as BMW, Pernod, and WWF India, Sheehji’s influences are multiple. Her whimsical and bold style explores absurd contexts, leading us on fantastic, surreal journeys.

Images: Aditya Duttal

Aditya Dutta
Drawing inspiration from shiny mass manufactured objects, Aditya Dutta’s work seeks to understand the fragile world of human appearances and interactions. He notes on his series featuring balloons with faces, “It was about how we are all insecure about things but we have to put up a strong front”. He works with digital mediums, acrylics and oil.

Images: Radhika Chitalial

Radhika Chitalia
A graphic designer and illustrator based in Copenhagen, Radhika experiments in what she calls the ‘analogue life’ in a digital world. It reflects her interests in Indian folk art and Scandinavian design. Bringing the two together, her minimalist explorations intersect with maximalist scenes to activate our imaginations.

Images: Adhiraj Singh

Adhiraj Singh
Combining abstract ideas with static designs, motion and music, Adhiraj Singh questions reality. His works come alive in a fusion of digital photography and 3D, crafting dynamic landscapes with bizarre features. Singh’s work is a constant experiment in how the digital and physical worlds meet.

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