Transform your bathroom into a luxurious space with an elegant and functional vanity unit

Don’t we all wish our bathrooms could be similar to the ones at five-star hotels? It’s time to turn that wish into reality by installing an elegant bathroom vanity – a comprehensive console which includes not just a countertop, mirror, basin, and fixtures but also cabinets and decorative accents. Vanities are often the focal point in a bathroom and create a unified look. We list the five essential elements of a vanity, which you need to consider before installing one in your bathroom 


Console as one unit | This is a standalone unit that comes complete with a mirror, countertop, basin, and cabinets. Functional, compact and beautiful – modular vanity consoles add sophistication and luxury to a bathroom.


Wooden countertops | Fuss-free and aesthetically pleasing, wooden countertops and granite basins lend a simple, rustic feel to the vanity. The neutral tones keep the mood of the bathroom minimal, practical and uncomplicated.


Tiered towel shelves | The perfect solution to unpleasant looking towels on hooks is tiered shelves. Bathroom vanities usually include shelves to stack rolls of towels. An attractive teak wood towel shelf would be a smart choice – it can also double up as a toiletry organizer to keep other bath essentials.


Attached mirrors | A vanity with an attached mirror can make the bathroom look extra spacious and grand. Select one with an exquisite frame (think antique bronze for a shabby chic look) or better still, cover the whole wall with one big mirror.


Open storage options | With beautifully built open storage options in vanities, there is no need to hide your bath essentials. With well-designed and elegant cabinetry that includes open as well as closed storage space, you can flaunt all that you want to and hide some too.

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