Five inspiring ways to create an original art nouveau expression for your home

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A movement of abandonment for home decor was brewing through the late nineteenth century up into the early twentieth century. Known as Art Nouveau, it raged through Europe and then worldwide. The varied versions of this movement of interior and exterior home decor called for wide and large features. Its aim was to make designs chic and modern while borrowing inspiration from geometric and organic forms with seamless unity. Here are ways to incorporate it into your home too! Take a look 

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 Contemporary mid century modern design

Flared ceilings | Flared ceilings in art nouveau for the modern Indian home or apartment can be the next best thing to monotone walls. They add character and speak of the lifestyle the owner of the house leads. Liberal, quirky and away from the norm; art nouveau breaks traditional ceiling design styles.

Haunted House Art Nouveau   Eames molded plastic chair

Whiplash curves | While one may not necessarily need a fireplace or a mantelpiece in the apartment, art nouveau can help create an accented spot in the living room with its ways. Back in the 19th century, whiplash was the name of the game; a very distinguishable artsy touch to the house- ornate and crescents et al- the same could be done for the modern living room, with a vase for decor and vines as embellishments.

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  pottery barn floor lamps for home décor

Sinuous light accents and panels | Back in the day, wavy accents and elongated panels along with linear shapes were major pillars of art nouveau. Most lighting pieces and accents created then were inspired by the likes of nature – stylized flowers to spider webs, vines and twirling feathers. The style was extravagant and decadent, and some embossed with iridescent glass or stones. If you are thinking of remodeling the look of the stairways in the hall, think art nouveau this time.

 Art Nouveau Violet wall painting
 Art Inspiration for home décor - wall painting Patterns
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Period colors | The period colors played with back then in the name of art nouveau weren’t loud and flashy. They were subtle and elegant touches which included the likes of sage and mustard, browns and olives, lilacs and violets, salmons and peacock blues, with plenty of symbols and motifs derived from nature.

 palau de la musica catalane
 art deco stained glass - modern home décor inspiration

Stained glass | Much more than metal, stone, and wood or any other material, art nouveau had decorative pieces and objects that were sourced from stained glass. Tiffany lamps were the most famous ones seen which in modern homes can add a very vintage touch.

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What other aspects of art nouveau catch your fancy? Let us know in the comments!

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