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Tequila anyone? Often under-rated by mixing it in a margarita, tequila is much more than that. This sweet and fermented drink is a Mexican product that is made from the organic blue agave plant. The more it is kept to ferment or harvest; the more liquor-ish it becomes. Americans love it, and it’s time we too give tequila the much-deserved entry in our bar cabinet. Serve it neat or simply squeeze a fresh lime in it, a tipple of tequila is also a low-calorie indulgence to save you from extra pounds. Here are four must-have luxury tequilas for your collection.

Patron en Lalique Serie 2

This avant-garde edition of Patrón is luxury beyond description. It is loved not just for the super-smooth texture, but the bottle design too that speaks opulence. Designed by a French famed glass-maker, this comes in sloping glass design with an amber crystal stopper that matches the colour of the tequila inside. Aged for eight years in some of the oldest oak barrels, produces notes of sweet honey, fruit and light agave in each sip. Price INR 5,32,000 per bottle, you won’t regret flaunting it. 

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Don Julio 1942

For the agave enthusiasts, you know what we are refereeing too. For years, Don Julio has been a favourite for the luxury tequila seekers. It comes aged after two and a half years with a warm and inviting note. In each sip, you get rich dessert notes like chocolate, vanilla, and caramel under toning the rich agave. Don Julio 1942 can also be a great buy owing to its sleek and luxurious design. Price: INR 9000 per bottle. 

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Clase Azul Añejo Edición Indígena Mazahua

Coming from the land of Mexico, Clase Azul Anejo is poured in gorgeous hand-sculpted and hand-painted ceramic decanters. Each ceramic bottle symbolised the old and the new world. After slow roasting the nine-year-old blue agave, it is fermented for the next two and a half years. The product comes out to be as smooth as an opera soup. As you sip it in, it melts down seamlessly, leaving an aftereffect of caramelised and citric taste. Price: INR 32000 per bottle. 

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Casa Noble Selección del Fundador Volume II

This selection is the oldest tequila made by Case Noble. Selección del Fundador Volume II is produced from the sweetest of agave grown near the volcano region which is much higher in altitude. Allowed to grow for 12 years and aged for the next 8 years makes this tequila an exclusive piece for your bar collection. It is so strong and pure, that even a small pour of it will leave your room filled in the fragrance of forests, woods, and flowers. Price: INR 1,50,000

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