Find One Best Suited To Your Needs

Coworking spaces are popping up everywhere. The global trend has hit the country with many offering the amenities of an office space sans the drama of office politics.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the trend is stronger than ever as these environments offer uniquely designed spaces catering to business needs, while building a network of individuals with diverse skill sets. They offer the opportunity to tailor work to your schedule, and help you be part of a community while retaining your personal identity.

Most coworking spaces offer amenities ranging from conference rooms to internet and other communication needs, along with comfortable and functional spaces to work. A few however include a singular feature that may be just the right fit for you:


WeWork has 300+ locations across the globe and is the newest entrant to the Indian market. With many pet friendly locations, this workspace is for the pet lover who loves to work with their furry friend beside them!


Ministry of New in Mumbai, housed in an old restored building, offers unbeatable ambiance with their “design-inspired” workspace filled with potted plants and European design sensibilities. Moving away from the idea of ping pong tables and pop colour, the space is for the creative worker who is inspired by classic design.


Social, with outlets across the country, is for those who love a workspace buzzing with the energy of a cafe. Set in a functioning restaurant, expect a loud atmosphere that combines work and play. Hold those passionate meetings with delicious food to accompany long discussions.


Awfis with locations in Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata offers a concierge service for those who miss the luxurious perks of a designated office. The Awfis editorial is also worth a mention for articles on startup how-tos to business ideas for the ambitious millennial.


Cowrks with locations in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and Chennai, offers all the regular fixtures of a coworking space with the added bonus of a wide variety of free and discounted services designed for its members.

Are you ready to join a community abuzz with a spirited game of ping pong or a quieter space to work those Excel sheets? Good luck on your vision and mission!



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