Be the bartender of the house before you raise a toast!

Apart from having an interesting guest list and delectable dishes displayed on the table, what makes the party started? Apparently, having a fancy drink becomes the most important part of any celebration endeavor. But, bartending at home is not everyone’s cup of tea and we totally get it. While you have already stocked up the best bottles of booze for your next house party, we have brought some super simple cocktails recipes which require no efforts. Its time to surprise your friends coming over with some crazy cocktails prepared by you. From the stunning punches to the stylish martinis, we’ve got you covered. So whether you are grilling out, celebrating holidays or it's just a simple weekend party night, you now know how to keep the party going.

The Gift of Rose by WhyteTales

Kat Whyte from Whyte Tales has a perfect gift for your house party. This five-ingredient cocktail is a margarita with a twist to kickstart the party. Lemon and peppercorn infused into this drink will add a sharp finish to the subtle taste. And yes, the final result is too beautiful to gulp in! 

• 20ml tequila
• 20ml Alvier Dry Rose Wine
• 20ml Honey Syrup
• 20ml Fresh Lemon
• Pinch Black Peppercorn
• Shake + Fine Strain Over Block Ice


Photo Credit: Whyte Tales

Power of Royalty by Thecocktailblog

Using the colour of the royals, this cocktail is sure to blow up your guests with its expensive taste. This easy to make cocktail turns out to be magic when served with fresh rosemary and orange zest. It is so photogenic that you won’t resist putting it on your Instagram feed.

• 30 ml Gin
• 20 ml Freshly squeezed lime juice
• 15 ml Elderflower Liqueur
• Top with Elderflower Tonic
• Garnish with fresh rosemary and orange zest
• Shake

Photo Credit: The Cocktail Blog

Spiced Apple Pie by Thewestmount

Apples and cinnamon can never disappoint even if put together in a cocktail. That’s all what Spiced Apple Pie is about. This bourbon cocktail is best for the winter nights which can turn you tipsy and cosy. Don’t believe us? Well, do give it a try.

• 35ml bourbon
• 15ml brandy
• 25ml pressed apple
• 15ml cinnamon demerara syrup
• 25ml lemon juice
• 1 egg white
• Shake

Photo Credit: The West Mount

Ginger Kiwi Martini by CGCocktailLove

If you like ginger and its nutty punch this martini should be a sure try. Prep up this quick cocktail which tastes delicious and great to start a party. As suggested, pour it in your prettiest of a cocktail glass and enjoy!

• 15 ml Gin
• 12 ml Ginger Liqueur
• 12 ml Vermouth
• 1/2 A large Kiwi Fruit
• Muddle the Kiwi
• Add the rest
• Shake
• Double strain

Photo Credit: CG Cocktail Love

Jingle Snap by  SideShowPet

At your next house party, pamper your guests with a cocktail that is filled with winter love. While rum and nutmeg will keep them warm, molasses will give the right amount of sweetness. Just mix, shake and pour; your drink for the party is ready without any fuss.  

• 30 ml Spiced Rum⠀⠀
• 5 ml Ginger Liqueur⠀
• 5 ml Molasses Syrup⠀
• Dash of Nutmeg⠀
• Rim with Rainbow Sprinkles
• Add the rest and shake

Photo Credit: Side Show Pete

From the Grave by TheWeekendMixologist

Here comes the attention seeker. ‘From the Grave’ by ‘The Weekend Mixologist’ will leave your guests awe-struck when you’ll raise the glass with smoke. Creating magic with a cocktail is now a reality with this recipe. Fancy enough for a conversation starter. 

• 10 ml of Vodka
• 10 white wine
• 10 oz Orange Curaçao
• 10 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
• Smoke with hickory chips and serve

Photo Credit: The Weekend Mixologist

So, which one is going to be on your menu?

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