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Minimalism at its best, shibori is making us fall in love with indigenous Japanese concepts like never before | Read on simple ways you can bring the art of shibori into your space

The Japanese found a way to amalgamate a wide range of textiles by shaping the cloth and then dyeing the same through Shibori. It means to press, squeeze and ring, somewhat on the same lines of the Indian tie-and-dye concept. There is an infinite number of ways one can bind, stitch, fold, twist, or compress cloth for shibori, and each way results in very different patterns which give it a three-dimensional form. And with that, shibori now can be used for home decor in more ways than one 

Indigo colours and design shibori

Bedroom | If you want to make the bedroom bounce with life, think of shibori cushion covers in indigo and blue. They sit well on any shade; however, neutrals, whites, and creams work best as bases. When placed with indigo matted sheets, shibori cushion covers add that extra zen-like feeling and liveliness.

Decorating wallpapers shibori style

Window curtains | Shibori is the answer to bring in more colorful light into rooms. Out with the heavy curtains or the dark ones, and in with shibori indigo and blues to grace the panels on the windows with. They are lightweight, easy to maintain and can bring in plenty of positive vibes with a lot of natural light bouncing off the drapes into the room!

Shibori designs and techniques – shibori products indigo style
Spring designs with shibori for home décor and interiors

Wall art and wallpapers | With Shibori, your home can turn into a bright and cozy nest. You could go for wallpaper or shibori wall art and decals to spruce up the walls with. There is a certain positive zest feeling that comes with shibori art. Balance the look with pristine accents in glass and white drapes.

indigo shibori pillows – shibori indigo pillow covers

Rugs and carpets | To add more happiness into your home, shibori carpets and rugs can be spread around the house. From the living to the dining room, the bedroom to the kitchen, and even on the patio or the balcony too; shibori gels with other furnishings easily.

industrial kitchen design ideas

Table runners | Keeping in with the shibori craze, your dining table too can have a touch of Japanese delight. Table runners based on the concept of shibori art can be used, in place of net, lace, plastic, polyester, cotton or woolen table runner materials. Against a wooden backdrop, shibori in indigo and blue catches the eye quite pleasingly.


Minimalism at its best, shibori is making us fall in love with indigenous Japanese concepts like never before. Would you try emulating shibori home decor for your home? Do write in and let us know your thoughts.

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