Searching for a weekend retreat | The Panorama house by architect Ajay Sonar is an idyllic space that could inspire your getaway

A home away from home – the idea has caught on as more and more people yearn for open, natural spaces – a scarcity in the city. A home in the hills strikes us an ideal way to abscond from your mundane routine and spend a weekend in tranquillity. Spa treatments are an option, but nothing beats the luxury of a weekend getaway home to rejuvenate yourself.

Imagine waking up to the rays of the sun instead of your blaring alarm and settling into the silence of the mountains. A home where you can spend quality time with your family, create memories and connect deeply with nature. Sounds too good to be true? The Panorama house by Ajay Sonar, set on the backwaters of the Gangapur Dam in Nasik, is a perfect example of a getaway home in the hills.



Situated in an area of 400 square meters with a backdrop of the Sahyadri mountain range, the house frames an idyllic image. Taking inspiration from mid-century architect Mies van der Rohe, Ajay Sonar has worked with minimum material and space to construct a cuboid concrete box with glass walls. And, within the box, Sonar arranges an organic flow of domestic functions rather than creating rigid divisions. The house is composed of colors similar to the surrounding landscape employing Mies’ philosophy of blurring the demarcation between the interior and exterior.




The floor to ceiling windows offers an uninterrupted view of the sprawling landscape, which gives the house its name – Panorama.

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