Now you can have more than 15 varieties of authentic Baklava under one roof.

Just like a romantic saga, Baklava has weaved its beautiful story around the world and we all have fallen in love with it. The sweet gift from the Turks, Baklava needs no introduction. If you have ever visited Turkey, or your relatives have been sweet enough to treat with this delicious offering, you must be aware of what Baklava is.

Traditionally made with 100 layers of filo sheets, dipped in sugar syrup and filled with nuts, Baklava is an ode to Turkey’s exotic history. But now you don’t need to travel to Turkey to indulge in this middle eastern dessert. For the first time in India, a dedicated Baklava store has opened its door in Mumbai to experience the authentic Turkish culture. Hurrem’s is the newcomer in Fort, South Bombay is designed by Turkish architects Özlem Kulaç and Berkay Kars who have left no stone unturned in making it as grand as possible. Ready to gorge?

Photo Credit:  Hurrem’s

The whimsical architecture

Intending to make your shopping experience more indulging, the architect duo has played around with the store area, which has a high ceiling and big windows. As you step inside Hurrem’s, you will be greeted by a peaceful vibe and exotic beauty. Large turquoise windows wrapped with rich red curtains have been used to throw a middle-eastern feel while the subtle colours used throughout the walls will take you on a trip to serenity. Every element has been added keeping in mind the grandeur of the place. You will take no time to get comfortable on the sink-in sofas and enjoy Turkish delicacies. While the beautiful artwork is unmissable, the ornamental chandelier and astonishing copper and brass hanging lanterns are equally praise-worthy.

Photo Credit:  Hurrem’s

The Turkish delight

Well, no doubt Baklavas take all the limelight especially when you have more than 15 varieties to taste. But, in case you want to experience the rest of Turkish delight, they have Turkish tea and coffee, soups, and Turkish salads. For Baklavas, you have the classic ones like walnut and pistachio Baklava to the fanciest of all, Havuc Dilimi, which is a large triangular sliced baklava filled with dry fruits. This cafe cum store is filled with the aroma of butter and nuts which makes it too difficult to resist. Hurrem’s also has a dedicated section for nuts where you can buy your selection of top quality middle-eastern dry fruits.

Photo Credit:  Hurrem’s

Hurrem' we come!

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