India's best artisanal chocolate to suit your infinite moods

Chocolate has to be one of the most versatile joys. Where would we be without that most eternal love? Dark, bitter, creamy milk or the unmistakably sweet cocoa butter in white chocolate - no matter the type of chocolate you love, you cannot deny its allure. Whether you are battling the mood swings of PMS or nursing a broken heart, chocolate is a friend we can count on. Whether it’s leading you to set free the serotonin or dopamine, to put science in, chocolate plays a saviour to the infinite vulnerable emotions we hold, be it a sulk or the crave!

Most of our grocery brought chocolate will do in a pinch, but with the many mouth-watering artisanal creations available from our own local champions of the cacao bean, why settle for less? We bring you our top picks of the country’s best to suit your every mood:

Photo credits: All Things

Need a fix for your Monday blues? Try All Things
A combination of original recipes and fabulous design execution has made All Things a fan favourite. Quirky themes tie together these exquisite chocolates like the Monday Blues, a delectable bar of dark chocolate and granola, which comes with a handy to-do list to help ease those Monday blues.

Photo credits: Mason & Co

Sometimes vegan? Mason & Co was made for you
Disappointed by the lack of vegan options available, the company was set up by Jane Mason and Fabien Bontems, a lawyer and a sound-engineer who love the art and science of making and eating chocolate. Employing Indian cacao beans, the brand seeks to provide a platform for the seldom-used Indian cocoa crop which boasts fruity, acidic notes.

Photo credits: Toshin

Hanging out with an old friend? Take her a Toshin treat
The namesake brand spearheaded by the Le Cordon Bleu trained chef brings us gourmet chocolate for the traveller seeking a familiar taste from a trip long past. Slightly bitter couverture chocolate meets fruit, nuts or praline for unique combinations that are nothing short of sweet magic!

Photo credits: Earth Loaf

For the conscious and down-to- Earth Loaf
With 72 percent dark chocolate sourced from Karnataka and Kerala, this label is for the conscientious consumer determined to experience the raw, undiluted pleasure of cocoa. Made sans artificial sweeteners or flavouring, bite into the offerings of this chocolaterie for a truly guilt-free experience.

Photo credits: Vivanda Chocolate Co

… and lastly, Vivanda Chocolate Co: the original sin!
A company that specialises in creating perfect gifts in chocolate to suit any and every occasion, they are known for their elegant packaging which reflects the luxury of the goodies within. Their 80 percent single origin chocolate makes for an exceptional experience, its smoky undertones fulfilling your darkest desires.

What’s your go-to sugar fix? We’d love to know!

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