Indian Vegan Brands That Are Changing The Way We Eat!


In a country that is obsessed with dairy and animal products, there still are some sane brands that will deliver healthy and nutritious food without compromising on taste!

Before you read this let us give you a gentle disclaimer, this article is no way written to enforce a food belief. Veganism is a choice and no one should be entitled to follow it. We are here to give you a point of view about the new happenings shaping the face of India. Veganism, though, still in a nascent stage, is generously growing, thanks to a few entrepreneurs and brands that are urging to change the age-old psyche of the way we consume food. We all know that the food business is highly commercialised and backed by market trends. The recent Amazon fire and the Australian bushfire are reason enough for us to be aware of our choices and make smarter decisions. And if your new year resolution involves making a significant lifestyle change by going vegan, then these are some great brands you should definitely look out for!

Good Mylk

Did you know that Good Mylk's founder Abhay Rangan is the youngest Indian to make it to the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 list? Now that is a reason enough for you to believe in a brand that makes oats and cashew milk, peanut curd and vegan butter and mayonnaise that is not only accessible but also affordable. Not just that, all the products from the brand are tasty too and can easily be incorporated in your daily Indian food. 

Our favourite: The oats and cashew milk that is a fabulous alternative to dairy milk and doesn't turn slimy on heating.

Mylk (Cashew Oat) - 1 ltr
Mylk (Cashew Oat) - 1 ltr
INR 120
AT goodmylk
Buy Now

Rare Earth Organic Store

Rare Earth Organic Store is Indian's first-ever vegan store in Mumbai that features eco-friendly food product that is entirely vegan. You can find everything from non-alcoholic beer to vegan cheese and bakery products that are good for your health and the environment. They feature several Indian and international brands and have a cute little organic cafe attached to it too.

Our Favourite: The Emkay vegan ghee that is healthy as well as nutritious 

Ambriona Chocolates 

Shahzad Anklesaria was a chocolate enthusiast when he thought of opening Ambriona which is one of the few vegan and gluten-free chocolate brands in India. From truffles to nut butters to indulgent chocolate bars, now you can have chocolate without compromising on your health. Psst... with the added benefit of non-dairy ingredients too. Isn't that a win-win?

Our Favourite: It has caramelized almonds and sea salt in it... Need we say more?

Caramelised Almonds with Sea Salt in 45% Mild Dark Chocolate
Caramelised Almonds with Sea Salt in 45% Mild Dark Chocolate
INR 150
AT ambriona
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Soft Spot Cheese

Anushi Patel spent more than 15 months formulating vegan cheeses that is fit enough to be devoured on a cheese platter. Her brand Soft Spot Cheese has parmesan, cheddar and smoked cheeses that you can choose from. Now, who said you have to compromise on your love for cheese when you're vegan? We definitely don't think so!

Our Favourite: Your perfect accompaniment for that lip-smacking (vegan) grilled cheese sandwich!

Urban Platter Vegan Mild Cheeze, 200g / 7oz [Mild Flavoured Cheese, Lactose-Free, Powered by Soft Spot Foods]
Urban Platter
Urban Platter Vegan Mild Cheeze, 200g / 7oz [Mild Flavoured Cheese, Lactose-Free, Powered by Soft Spot Foods]
INR 425
AT amazon
Buy Now

Veganism is a choice and by no means should it be enforced upon. Least you can do is try... We mean, what can be better than saving the environment and being happy at the same time?

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