This sweet shop in Delhi is more than a French patisserie.

Any celebration or happiness in India is incomplete without our very own desi Mithai. While the red velvet and Choco lava may hold a special place in our heart, a box of Indian sweets always become an indispensable package of joy. To spread some more love for the Pedas and Laddoos, Khoya Mithai, a luxury boutique sweet brand started its service back in 2016. Their selection of artisanal Indian sweets is made of fresh and natural ingredients so that you do not feel guilty after each bite. Packed in oh-so-beautiful boxes, Khoya Mithai has impressed many, including us! So, let us get acquainted with their mouth-watering creations and the story behind.

Credit: Khoya Mithai

Revolutionising how we see Mithai

When Delhi based Sid Mathur launched his dream project ‘Khoya Mithai’, he had one thing in mind – to create a luxury box of mithai which contained the taste of Grandmom’s handmade laddoo. But before that, Mathur had donned several other hats. From honing the experience of equity trading in London, heading culinary smashers like Smoke House Deli and Social, Co-founder of Asian Hawkers Market and Partner at Wai Wai City, Mathur is a sheer genius and food enthusiast by heart.

Credit: Khoya Mithai

Mathur’s passion for food has made him the founder of ‘Khoya Mithai’ which is truly revolutionising the way we see Indian sweets. To bring back the old traditional process of making sweets, many Indian halwais and chefs came on board to produce something extra-ordinary packed in luxurious boxes. The use of natural ingredients makes them unique which saves us from the inner-fight of having added with a number of calories. Sid Mathur has surely charmed many by adding this sweet gift to Delhi’s belly.

Credit: Khoya Mithai

Some of their unique offerings

Currently, they have about fifteen varieties of handcrafted luxurious Mithais on their menu. Whether you want to opt for a classic Kesar Motichoor Ladoo or innovative creations like Paan Peda and Walnut Peda, they have covered almost all the taste palate. What ‘Khoya Mithai’ promises you is a sweet delicacy with no additives and colour, and are not heavy on sugar. (Yes, the pink colour on their pink motichoor comes from beetroot). We are finally happy to see this side of ‘Khoya’ which is now not a nightmare from any street-side shop.

Credit: Khoya Mithai

Thought Mithai was passe? Well, it’s time to grow past chocolate and cupcakes and rethink ‘KHOYA’.

Available at: The Chanakya Mall, New Delhi, and The Oberoi New Delhi.

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