Known for its rich embellishments and intense colors, Baroque is timeless and adds drama to any look

A source of inspiration for decades, the Baroque movement is synonymous with sharp contrasts, motifs, embellishments and highly decorative and ornate details. In fashion, this continues to be a trend with designers such as Alexandre Herchcovitch, Ruffian, Christian Siriano and Monique Lhuillier, whose recent designs flaunt a baroque inspiration. Meanwhile, in interiors, the classic traits come together through Victorian furniture, chandeliers, wood paneling, gilt frames and creating a play of contrasts through intense colors. Over time, though, baroque has witnessed a chic and minimal reconstruction, moving away from its originally overwhelming style.

Here are three reasons why baroque still works 
It’s Classic | The Baroque look is classic and its play of dark and light, use of rich colors, stark contrasts, use of symmetry and the heavy influence of Italian and French aesthetics have an appeal that will last.

It Shines | Adding shine through the use of gold color and texture creates an opulent feeling, which is an essential trait of Baroque. Lighting is another must, whether it’s fixtures used in interiors or in the variations of light and dark used in fashion.

It’s Elaborate | Whether, in fashion or interiors, embellishments and appliqué lend a rich appeal. The motifs and ornate designs don’t go unnoticed and work together to add drama.

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