After green beauty, all you need is some Vitamin-Sea

While the skincare world is enjoying the love of clean beauty products, another wellness star has already kicked into the skincare and fitness industry, seeping in the wonderful benefits of dark and deep oceanic beauty into your lifestyle and making the buzzing ‘green’ a little blue!

After forest bathing, the newest best way to melt away the city-stress in 2019-the ocean-infused fitness and wellness activities that are as much fun as they are effective. So if you’ve had your share of the boutique meditation centres and wellness tours, here is another exciting health and fitness trend that you must try this year.

Water-based LIIT: Say goodbye to the cruel hardcore fitness sessions and become the happiest and fittest ever water baby
Gone are the times when High-Intensity Interval Training was making rounds in every health enthusiast’s recommendation list, On the contrary, the current favourite is the slow-paced Low-Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) with water-based workouts like aqua running, pool planks, deep water bicycle, underwater push-ups – just a few from the long list of water-based exercises. To break the myth, such workouts are not particularly meant for injured people to help them rehabilitate but the underwater low-intensity workouts are rather more impactful as per the recent studies around the world. If you’re tired of pushing yourself to the extended limits of rigorous workouts then the water-based LIIT is a boon for you to start afresh (and slow!). After consulting the health experts, you can incorporate it in your everyday fitness regimen or could even plan the seaside trips to indulge in some fresh-water swimming (either way, it gives a definite good reason to pull out your swimsuit collection).

Photo credits: Drew Dau

Visit the blue-space more often: It’ll make you happier and it’s scientifically proven
Enjoying the quaint nature is a blissful treat for your mental health, that’s right, but who said that nature has to be ‘green’ only to make you enjoy its wellness benefits. Well, it can definitely be blue! According to the scientific implications on how the ocean/sea affects your mental health, it can be explained as: the waves of the ocean create high levels of negative ions in the surrounding and when we inhale these ions, our body’s serotonin levels increase helping us combat the stress and depression, ultimately boosting our mood. So next time you feel that the soft-salty breeze from the oceanic horizon is amusing you, know that it actually is. We hope it’s a reason enough to plan for more beach vacations, right?

Photo credits: Glen Jackson

Book your tickets to Melbourne and try the incredible floatation therapy
The Gravity Floatation Centre which is tucked away at Northcote, Inner suburbs, Victoria (on the outskirts of Melbourne) is famous for giving a unique wellness experience to its guests by making them float in water – a scientifically designed activity that benefits the body, mind, and soul by making you soak in a special concoction in a beautifully designed pod. Once you enter the pod, the salt-water is heated to match your skin temperature and after a while, the sensation of your body dissolves in the concoction and you feel absolutely weightless. Plus the pod is both sound and light proof, so when you are seeping in the goodness your brain gets the chance to disconnect from the sensory input, ultimately enhancing your ability to be cognitive, mindful, and introspective. As claimed by the centre, there is simply no other technology or environment that can stimulate these evolutionary effects. (If you’re claustrophobic to compact spaces, you can always leave the pod doors open). Next time before hitting the Australian boundaries, pre-book your session to this incredible experience here.

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What’s next on your wellness plan?

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