Soft drizzles, soothing aroma of the earth, and a cup of piping hot tea!

From sailing paper boats in water puddles to sipping coffee with the pitter-patter sound of rain, we all grew up but the love for monsoon never fades! Although the breezy season inadvertently brings out our romantic side how about we make it even more delighting with our list of spectacular cafes where you can enjoy the downpour along with some sumptuous bites and of course, tea. Get ready to awaken your love for drizzling-mizzling weather with these cafes across India and bring out the best of monsoon experience!

JW Café, Mussoorie

Planning a trip to Mussoorie? Add JW cafe on the top of your to-visit list! Situated on the Queen of hills, JW Cafe will hosts you with elegant ambience and clouds touching your feet to help you sense the tranquillity with delicious bites. The artistic roof of the cafe, embellished with copper pans, chummy-cushion seatings, and the view of Himalayan range blessed with monsoon showering will give you the reason enough to brag on your Instagram feed. And dear lord, how can we forget about the JW's famous mouth-watering breakfast – scrumptious waffles and spicy sponge omelette. 

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Indian Accent, Delhi 

No cafe in India can offer contemporary stratosphere with flavourful Indian cuisine but the Indian Accent in Delhi is an exception and a must go for everyone! Because of the waterfront, the cafe looks like a mini floating glass cube and its delicate yellow couches amidst blue sky and water will tap your aesthetic desires. If you are unable to decide what to eat to make the rainy day experience even better, consider delicious duck dosa and berry ice-candy for them being the best option. The addition of global ingredients in Indian flavours with unique aura is what makes Indian Accent your new favourite – you can choose to sit by the floor-to-ceiling windows, inside the glass cubical to have an even better view of rain droplets dancing on the pool's surface.

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Wharf 2, Chennai

Radisson Blu Temple resort in Chennai launched a cafe, Wharf 2.0 for those who want to slip into the lap of nature with luxury. Trust us, nothing can beat the experience of enjoying seafood on the beachside with soft drizzles! From outdoor shacks imitating hut setups to conceptualized blue dining seats, the cafe is perfect for the season! The Gulab jamun cheesecake and jumbo prawns dipped in Basil sauce will enlighten your mood in a jiffy! 

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Photo credits: Café Chennai 

Sea Lounge Café, Mumbai

Mumbai and monsoon have their own story and we strongly recommend you to step out of your cocoons and explore the romantic side of the city with its best coffee – Sea Lounge cafe in Taj Mahal Palace is your place to go. The soothing pastel shades of the wall with aesthetic Indian interior will make you have a setback moment in the lap of luxurious services and delicious platter. Going by the mantra of enjoying a rainy day, the live piano music with a stunning view of the Arabian Sea is exactly what you need. Magnify the palatial vibes with Sea lounge's turkey sandwich and traditional Chinese tea! 

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Given that monsoon is the moodiest weather, constantly switching from boiling hot to relentlessly raining days, plan an evening at these cafes right the moment you see some drizzle! 

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