Our rejuvenating discoveries from around the world

Meditative yoga to the sound of gentle water flowing by a green expanse. Hot stone massages with vistas flanked by majestic mountains. Nutritious meals that nurture from within. Whether you’re one for a little R&R or a much-needed ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ adventure, the good news is the sheer number of places catering to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

With wellness the one true mantra of our times, these spaces combine ancient practices with ultra-luxurious environments that indulge your senses for a stress-free retreat.

Whether you’ve only got a weekend or hit the jackpot with a whole week to get moving, slow down or enjoy the simple joy of doing nothing. Our edit of the best retreats has you covered and then some:

Photo credits: Clinique La Prairie

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland
With this namesake brand, the quality of beauty treatments is a foregone conclusion. However, La Prairie should be your go-to choice for wellness inspired health treatments. Head to Switzerland to be rejuvenated in their state-of-the-art medical spa with personalised routines to help insomniacs detox from within.

Video credits: Ananda

Ananda, Himalayas
With its blissfully harmonious surroundings, Ananda seamlessly incorporates nature in its mindfulness, yoga and fitness programs that are tailor-made for guests’ need. Situated at the base of the Himalayas, let the region’s inimitable energy bring you zen and let all your stress simply melt away.

Photo credits: Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa

Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa, Gulmarg
Don’t have enough time to hit the Swiss Alps yet craving a mountain retreat? Khyber is your best choice for light skiing and R&R to revive from any hint of fatigue. Do not miss the revitalising Aromachologie massage with rosemary, pine and mint essential oils in a combination of Swedish and Balinese massage techniques. Ask for a room with a view to relax as you take in the picture perfect snow-dusted mountains in the distance.

Photo credits: Lanserhof Tegernsee

Lanserhof Tegernsee, Germany
With diagnostic, genetic and nutritional analysis alongside holistic techniques individually tailored for your constitution, a stay at Lanserhof guarantees the best practices to promote a balanced body and mind. Enjoy the natural beauty of the Bavarian Alps and the stunning Tegernsee lake as the medical and physical therapies bring out a more youthful you.

Photo credits: Niraamaya Resorts

Niraamaya Resorts, Kovalam
A private, secluded beach and rock-cut infinity pool? Make this one a couple’s retreat! Perched on a cliff, you can enjoy the sound of waves from the privacy of luxury, Kerala-style villas. We recommend their Ayurveda Stress and Strain Buster: a five-day itinerary packed with yoga, meditation and daily Ayurvedic treatments.

Photo credits: Santani

Santani, Sri Lanka
Translating from Sanskrit to 'in harmony with', Santani is a space of harmonious balance. From treatments to improve the ravages of city-life stress to long-haul detox programs, this spa has it all. Through in-depth analysis, it recommends treatment based on your constitution and needs. Emerge anew from this retreat armed with techniques and practices that you can take with you and use in everyday life.

Pack your bags for a holiday that cares for you from within so you may return with the glow of health and peace.

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