A sneak peek into an Indian pool house by 42mm architecture


A trend in organic design, in keeping with the environment and yet bringing a futuristic way of living is soon going to be a reality. One such project that blends homeliness with modern touches and a poolside view is the Indian Pool House by 42mm Architecture.


A concrete frame with a transparent middle 

The traditional way of building a house from concrete, brick, and mortar with glass windows could soon be a thing of the past – that is if 42MM Architecture took over every piece of construction across the city! The walls we see here at the Delhi Indian Pool House are an epitome of beauty by the day and a touch of sizzling sensuality by night. With its thick concrete walls, roof and the flooring, the pool house is a beauty to dwell and bask in.


The ‘pebble in the grass’ 

Quite an apt description for the pool house done up by the well-known 42mm Architecture group, the four hundred square meter building is a smooth shell made of concrete, with glazed front and rear walls that allow a poolside view round-the-clock. As a concept, it seems straight out of a classic James Bond movie!


In a city where space is a luxury and every inch is up for grabs, constructing pool houses such as this one by 42mm Architecture makes sense. Quite organic in its own form and respecting the ambiance of the garden landscaping needs as well, the house blends in with the existing twenty-year-old concrete volume at ease, as much as it can with the architecture and landscape of the garden surroundings too.


Bold, robust and singular, the concrete pool house with wooden frames and concrete for its foundation, roof, and flooring, isn’t the quintessential desi Indian house per se, but could be termed as the pioneer to revolutionizing Indian homes architectural styles and sensibilities in the coming years!

The question is, would you want to live here?

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