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The most in-your-face trend this year has obviously been the fashion comebacks from the 80s and the 90s, which is why the stipulation over vintage clothing has increased significantly, and especially over the high-waisted vintage jeans. But finding quality vintage jeans that fit you like your satin PJs can be quite some hard work, be it rummaging through piles of shady thrift shops or trying your luck a brands’ bygone era-inspired collections. Given the overflowing vintage love, who has the patience to ‘try’ finding a good one. So, we’ve cut your time and efforts down to grab the opportunity and rise to the occasion if you happen to be in or are planning to visit New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London or Toronto – mind we say, these boutique stores will be your treasurous find.  

Raggedy Threads | 602 Grand Street, Brooklyn

In association with Gucci, the Raggedy Threads is a store with a laid-back vibe, yet excellent collection and services. If you walk into this store, there is no way you’re walking out without buying what you want. Along with the classic denim you were looking for you can also find some really gorgeous merchandise that is soaked in the beauty of timelessness. Also, their style forte is old-school American, so not only will you find your unique denim piece but also learn a thing or two about New York’s street fashion.

Photo credits: Off the Freeway

Denim Revival | 7934 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles

Denim Revival in your one-stop-shop for all your denim woes, not only they sell vintage jeans, but they also provide the best in class Denim alterations just in case you find the perfect looking jeans and it doesn’t fit you – they’ll perfect it down to every centimetre. Having always hustled for denim love, now ten years in running this store will definitely conjure all your search.

Photo credits: Denim Revival

Wasteland | 1660 Haight Street, San Francisco

Don’t be mistaken with the name! With an amazing curation of the best of the best products, the wasteland is actually a wonderland for someone who loves vintage dressing, especially denim. Pieces preserved excellently, a great ambience, and extremely hospitable employees, the experience of visiting wasteland will surely put a smile on your face, well that’s what the experienced visitors of this boutique store chant about. 

Photo credits: San Francisco Theatres

HOUSE OF VINTAGE  | 4 Cheshire Street, London

The vibe of walking into the past is what you will feel as you cross through the doors of this beautiful store. The store has some historically beautiful collections, as old as from the 1920s through to the 1970s, with a couple of special selections from the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s. All authentic products with supreme quality curated by the best of stylists, need we say more?

Photo credits: Nick Garrett Sign Writer

What Goes Around Comes Around | 351 West Broadway, New York

Have you ever wished for a store that encompasses vintage items as unique as of the thrift shops but are supreme when it comes to the quality? Well, yes, Well What Goes Around Comes Around is that underdog that stores all quality checked vintage jeans in the best of styles, colours, and textures – their collection is huge! 

Photo credits: What Goes Around Comes Around

Resurrection | 8006 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

With the best grade vintage jewellery, merchandise and jeans, of course, Resurrection is a store that offers so much more than you ask for. If you’re a connoisseur of antiques that hold a share in history, you’ll definitely be taken aback with its range of collectables. With statement worthy heavy denim jeans to equally exceptional counterparts, Resurrection is your store to shop head-to-toe vintage. 

Photo credits: Resurrection

Trendy is fine but vintage has its own luxury! If you haven’t brought the opulence of vintage elements in your wardrobe yet, keep these stores bookmarked for the next time you touch the terrains of these cities.

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