A soul satiating escapade, of more nature and less crowd

This summer, leave behind the idea of beach vacations and consider a visit to this most beautiful country on the list. Norway is wooing travellers with its very remarkable essence of nature and tranquillity - its ice mounted-fjord coastline, picturesque mountains, lakes, ski resorts, and woods. It’s your paradise if you like places under-the-radar where nature remains completely untouched.

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Its beauty tickles all year round, be it the ideal summer getaway or the soul-stirring Northern Lights; with endless wanderlustic possibilities, a trip to Norway is definitely what your soul is scouting for. Here are a few of the not-to-miss things when you visit Norway this year.

Experience the Scandinavian sophistication with a touch of spontaneous-ness

When in Norway, exploring the profoundly beautiful nature is the primary to-do on your list, doesn't matter if you are a mountain or a beach person – this place has it all. Handshake with adventure and trek to the Mount Floyen in Bergen on mountain bikes, rent a car to experience the world’s longest Laerdal Tunnel or cruise through the stunning Norwegian fjords  in the lap of luxury – some special cruises let you experience the idyllic waterfalls on the way, close enough that you can reach out and touch them.

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Scrumptious offerings

Whenever there’s a country bestowed with culture and traditions, we just know that the food is worth the experiment. When it comes to cuisines Norwegians really push the boundaries of innovation treating you with the most delectable dishes. For a memorable weekend brunch, take a cable car to the top of Mount Ulriken at Sky:Skraperen. And yes! When in Norway, never miss out on the smoked Salmon.

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Coffee date in the heart of the country, Oslo

Norwegians really know their coffee, owing to the long winters when the sun just resists to rise. From small-batch artisan roasters to specialist espresso bars their coffee connoisseurship is an unmatched experience for caffeine lovers. For that one not-to-be missed cup of coffee, we recommend the coffee pioneers - Tim Wendelboe, for a true bean-to-brew experience that perfectly complements Oslo’s architectural richness.

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A car ride through the narrow streets, well that’s what ‘Norway’ is derived from

If you’re travelling with your friends or if it’s on your list for the honeymoon, then the enthralling road drive will take you to another world – of serenity and romance. Norway’s roads, bridges and tunnels are sparkling examples of their builders’ skill and tenacity and the stretches in the woods is where you can stop and experience the most scenic sunset. Rent a camper van, grill and chill amidst the therapeutic views.

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Try out on taking some train journey

Train routes in Norway are among some of the most beautiful journeys taken on earth. Giving you that picturesque background, each train journey can give you that perfect profile picture you have been waiting for. Some of the famous ones include the Bergen Railway which whisks you past the Hardangervidda plateau as well as the Dovre Railway that runs from Oslo to Trondheim.

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For those dramatic breath-taking skies

Norway is the country of wonders, where sometimes during summer days don’t end and in winters, the opposite. This place is as spirited as it comes! It is also one of the places in the world where you can spot the spectacular northern lights, although winters just flew you can still plan your trip in near November. Having a glass of wine under the florescent sky will definitely be worth experiencing.

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From museums to glaciers, or from food to the culture, each day will have something special for you to offer. So, why not pack your bags and steal a little of happiness from this splendid country.

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