Allow the vintage, industrial lighting to add glamour and a sense of coherence to your space

If you’ve been thinking of adding a rugged element here and there at home, think along the lines of industrial lighting and décor. Beautiful brass tones, raw materials, and aged metals celebrate the Industrial age. It is a timeless look that focuses on simple shapes to bring a touch of rustic elegance to your homes. And if you’ve noticed, a lot of cafes and public and residential spaces are adopting it to infuse a charming, warm feeling into their areas. Let us give you five good reasons why wall-mounted industrial lighting makes for a luxe choice 


Mix and match contemporary styles | Genuine old car headlights can be sourced from antique shops and hardware outlets, in unique shapes and designs. The incandescent lamps in the headlights add strikingly to the living space. A network of lights created with thick metallic poles and spread bare across the walls cast enough light to set the mood right. Unique in artwork and design, the style brings on a resplendent magical effect from another era altogether.


Modern kitchens bathed industrially | The beauty of mixing rugged with soft, and old-world charm with contemporary styles will never fade away as an architectural wonder. The kitchen is one of the easiest spaces to dress up industrially, with wall-mounted lighting fixtures, pendant lighting, and filament lighting. Edison-style bulbs with rustic metal details bring about a retro look.


For the balconies, an industrial touch is a must | Not just the interiors, but the exteriors of the house, including the balcony, can be enhanced with industrialized details. Exterior lighting with large bulbs strung together adds a magical aura and glow to the outdoor entertainment zone. Check with the best retailers for outdoor fixtures such as pipe lamps and exposed Edison-style bulbs.


Unique industrial wall mounted fixtures | Talk about pulley inspired wall mounted fixtures or accordion light scones, the imagination has no limits when dressing up your home. With mechanical pieces left exposed against raw brick walls or distempered facades and concrete bastions, power tools turned into lighting accents can transform the house into a mini industrial era. From the bedroom to the washroom, the living to the dining space and even outdoors, industrial wall-mounted lighting accents add more than just charm-they add personality.


Create focal points with industrialized lighting | Fancy a focal wall at home, a place you can flaunt your art and other quirky embellishments? Spotlights can be glaring and an expensive affair. The next best thing, and very economical, would be to use industrial wall-mounted lighting. The architectural and artistic focal points are rekindled with a touch of passion and vintage style. Even if it is just around a mantelpiece or a wall-mounted pendant lamp with filament lights to flaunt the bar at the focal wall-industrial lighting is a great decor idea.

There are many other ways to bring in the rustic and appealing industrial touch to your home-just let your creativity and imagination run wild.

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